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Bidadi Resort Day Outing Package

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We're located at around less than 15 minutes' drive from Bangalore's favorite amusement park, Wonder La. A way to chill through a day of thrill in a perfect Landfill.Come and experience the delight!! The land spreads up to a lavish 10 acres and is mostly engulfed with trees and plants, thus bringing close, the nature and the people. Accompanied by nature's sweet nurture, we also presents a wide variety of Adventure Sports such as Trampoline, Paintball, and Bubble Ball. 


Day outing 9.00am to 6.00pm




1.   Archery
2.   Zip line
3.   Bobby Zorbing
4.   Target
5.   Paintball
6.   Water Zorbing
7.   Swimming pool
8.   Team building activities
9.   Treasure hunt
10.  6 Rope Activity
11.  Bonfire
12.  Music

Cost per person (INR)
Date Selected Dates
Where Bidadi, Karnataka
Duration 1 Day
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 20 Seats
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7838984471, 8368292699, 01142156013
in collaboration with
Axe Adventure Sports
18th Aug, 2017
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Bidadi, Karnataka

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