Do You Want to Fly like a Bird? – Try Paragliding In India

Every time I saw a plane, I thought it’s the only way to experience the excitement of being so up in the air and actually flying! But after I learnt about paragliding, I was proved wrong. It is an adventure sport, in which the participant sits in a harness which is connected with wing shaped fabric through suspension lines for support. A true flying experience where one feels like they are actually flying like a bird!


The most fascinating fact is that there is no engine attached to this equipment and only through the aerodynamics of the air the participant can fly for several hours! Easy portability of the equipment is one of the biggest plus points of this sport.

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For those who feel it is a very tuff and not for them, 365hops ask them to think again! 365hops is a company that not only brings all sport lovers together but also organises outdoor camps and training in various destinations. They clarify that;

  1. The sport is very easy to learn.
  2. One does not require too much of body strength, just the ability to jog/run or walk up the hill will do.
  3. It just requires as much skill as one learns to drive or ride.
  4. The only thing one has to be careful about is that they have to be mentally very present and alert and physically prepared.
  5. Also one should listen very carefully to the instructions given during training.Paragliding

So in the recent decade, more and more people are trying to indulge in this sport. Paragliding in India is most popular in Gujarat while Maharashtra, Himalayas, Nepal and Tamil Nadu are also promising places.

Paragliding in India

So what are you waiting for, get in touch with 365hops and you can either follow the sport or join them for an event and off you go flying.

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