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In today’s competitive world, everyone is pushing hard to achieve their targets. Be it at the personal from or in the corporate world to climb up the corporate ladder. We are pushing ourselves too hard that we sometimes fell lost. The routine mundane activities can drain out all our energies and leave us feeling tired. This makes it much more imperative to relax. This is the reason the saying “Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax” is holds true. Taking some time out and letting your mind wander and relaxed is the best thing you can do to improve your productivity.

We might often plan visiting the restaurants, coffee shops or bars to relax and rejuvenate. But for the adventure enthusiasts, this is certainly not something that fulfils the desire to relax. They would prefer something like camping in the hills. If you fall in this category and are looking for a place to trek, trekking in kasol can be the perfect choice. It is a serene place in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is suitably referred to as the “Dev Bhoomi” in the local language, which means, the land of the Gods. The scenic beauty of the place is certain to leave you spell bound by its divinity. To reach Kasol, you need to travel till Bhuntar (which can be easily reached by a Volvo or a private cab as it lies on the very popular Manali highway), from where Kasol is approximately 30 km on the Manikaran road. Bhuntar is approximately 500 km and from Chandigarh it is 260 km.

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Kasol camping

The Kasol Khir Ganga Trekking is gaining popularity because of the view it has to offer at the summit. It is also referred to as “the magical valley” by those that have witnessed the magic of its splendor. It is said that lord Shiva meditated here for over 3000 years. The trek starts from a place called Bersheni till where you can travel by car. From Bersheni you need to trek to Khirgange, which is approximately 12 km of trek. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate to difficult. However, taking the help of a guide is advisable. This is because the trek goes through thick dense forest and it might be very difficult to find your way at certain points. It might take you 5-6 hours to complete ascend and reach the summit.

On your way, you will witness nature at its best. At the beginning of the journey, you come across the crystal clear Parvati River. The Parvati River meets the Tosh River at Bersheni. During the trek, you will hear the sound of water gushing through the river. Experiencing sounds different from the routine sounds of traffic in the city is what makes you feel rejuvenated. As you begin the trek, you will also come across a couple of villages. These villages are very different from the normal villages we come across as these are cut-off from the rest of the world. The simplicity and quietude of the place will be something unforgettable.

trekking in kasol

If you start during the day, you might reach the summit somewhere between early to late evening. Kasol camping is what you can experience at this tranquil place. Staying in tents at a serene place in the lap of nature is something that is assured to relax your mind. Some basic accommodation can be found at Kheerganga. Majorly make-shift shops that offer mattresses to sleep.

After the trek, if you wish to relax, nature offers you the perfect hot water springs. There is a small Shiva temple near the springs. Just take a dip in the spring and relax. It is very surprising to find hot water springs at places where temperature drops considerably during the winters. The hot water springs are rich in Sulphur that provides it the healing properties. The dip will surely make you forget all the muscle pains you have after the trek. The best part is, the bathing areas for men and women are different. This makes it comfortable for the shy ladies.

Khir Ganga Trekking

A good time to visit starts from April till October. This is because the winters are so cold that that area is completely covered in snow. This makes it difficult to trek as the rocks become slippery. The Kasol trekking offers the most adventure filled, yet relaxing and rejuvenating experience for those visiting this isolated destination. This is the reason why it is also referred to as the staircase to heaven by many! So plan your trip to the place this year.

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