M S Dhoni – “Needs Break From Cricket? Let’s Go Skydiving

“To those that jump,

No explanation is necessary,

To those that don’t jump,

No explanation is possible.”

Who all worship “Captain Cool” like me. I mean seriously, isn’t everything he does be it on ground or in his vacations is just so cool. While Team India is busy playing against Sri Lanka in the Test cricket, our beloved former Indian captain MS Dhoni is busy having fun and tendering to all his other commitments.

M S Dhoni who holds an honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, paid a surprise visit to Kashmir and presided over an army-organised tournament there. He also interacted with young local cricketers.

While a video of him training his dog went viral showing how committed he is to his family, Dhoni did not hesitate to calm down his adventurous spirit as well. With only a week left to his vacations, he simply decided to go over the board and but that I meant simply jump off from the sky.

Oh yes, this Ranchi boy took to instagram and posted his picture where he is getting ready for skydiving. I mean what a way to blow off the steam and just go out there and conquer the sky.

From being the most calm captain in difficult situations to being under scrutiny for his recent performances, Dhoni has seen it all. Well! Whatever happens we have full confidence on our Ranchi boy and wish him all the best for his ODI series against Sri Lanka.

Looking at the picture, his calm face tells more than many stories. Dhoni, the way you jumped off the sky, the same you would make the ball fly with our favorite helicopter shot.

With ICC World Cup 2019 in sight, it is not surprising that the skipper and chief coach, both have echoed the same views regarding Dhoni. They say, that there is no one who can replace Dhoni behind the stumps as he is as fit as anybody. His cricketing brain which is considered sharper than most in the world, is a blessing in disguise where the team consists of a  lot of younger player.

Skydiving in New Zealand with Nzone Queenstown

So skydiving is just a start, this adrenaline junkie is now going to come back to the cricket world with a bang and then everyday would become a new adventure for him as well as for his fans.

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