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Mumbai Midnight Cycling Coastal Route – An Enriching And Enthralling Experience

Fun And Thrill Of Mumbai Midnight Cycling

Imagine the fun of exploring the most popular sites of Mumbai in a never before manner.  No matter, how well you know the city, this exclusive experience of cycling in Mumbai along the beautiful coastal route is sure to leave you mesmerized. The nearly 35 kms long ride will leave you enthralled, exhausted and enlightened about the hidden beauty of the city that is often clouded by the almost never ending hustle and bustle. Revel in the peace and calm of this city that is famed to never sleep, as you ride across its most cherished heritage sites and enjoy the beauty of the calm ocean waters blending with the dark skies at the horizon.

Cycling Heritage Ride at Mumbai

Ajay And Mridul Share The Experience Of A Ride To Cherish

Having participated in various cycling events in Mumbai, I was not too excited about the Mumbai Midnight cycling along coastal route, which Mridul had coaxed me to take part in. We commenced the ride at around 11:30 at night from Nariman Point, after having mutually decided that this was one ride that we were not going to put any time limit to. During the exciting trip along the east coast of the city, we passed through the famous tourist hotspots of Marine Drive, Shivaji Park and Worli Sea Face etc. Little had I expected that this would prove to be one of the most amazing rides of my lifetime and it would help me to better understand the following aspects of the city that we take so for granted.

Midnight Cycling Trips

A Salute To Mumbai Police :  The one thing that remained constant throughout this exclusive ride was the presence of a police van at almost every halt. The presence of these stren faced policemen made us feel completely safe and free to roam the almost deserted streets at night, without too much stress.

Tonga Ride The Bollywood Style : I had become accustomed to witnessing countless people enjoy the famous ghoda-gadhi ride during the day time or in the late evenings. However, seeing the tonga walas roaming the streets at night looking for someone interested in a ride made me feel somewhat mostalgic. Mridul and I decided to give rest to our cycles for a while and enjoy a small ride at the cost of Rs. 300. Midnight’s Children, Cycling Along The Coastline Of Mumbai At Midnight.

Mumbai Midnight Cycling Rides

The Famous Cutting Chai : The cycle-chai walas have become an integral part of the Mumbai tourist culture in the recent times. However, we were surely surprised to find these small vendors selling the famous Mumbai cutting chai all along the costal route even in the dead of night. Even though they were also out for a ride, it was meant to help them bring food to their plates on a daily basis, rather than as a means of fun and entertainment.  Well, the chai surely provided the much needed refreshment for us.

The Eternal Garbage Collector : Another common sight that met our eyes, during the night time exploration of Mumbai’s most famous hot spots, was that of the garbage collectors. They were mostly dressed in rags and had their nylon bags hung on their shoulder to accumulate the countless plastic bottles and other such items that were carelessly thrown across the streets after use. While these garbage collectors seem to blend in with the dust and grime prevalent on the city roads during day time, at night they are free to enjoy the wonders of the city without the fear of being reprimanded or even suspected of having ulterior motives. Awesome Cycling Trips In India That Every Enthusiast Of This Sport Must Undertake.

Mumbai Midnight Cycling Tours

Continuing our ride towards our final stop of Bandra Bandstand, we were amazed by the interesting people we had met during our ride. More importantly, we were delighted to experience a completely different side of Mumbai, which comes alive only at night.
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