Skiing In Auli – A Fascinating Experience Full Of Great Thrill And Adventure

Nested in the highest reaches of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Auli has become an internationally renowned skiing destination for the enthusiasts of this adventure sport. One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of the destination amongst avid skiers is that it is located high enough to enjoy a deep snow cover all year round while being low enough to ensure easy accessibility to the skiing participants. With a skiing area that easily spans around 3kms, Auli also holds the distinction of being the largest skiing arena in India. This is apart from the cross-country runs of 10-20 kms, which are now being offered to the skiers.

Getting Familiar With The Destination

In order to truly enjoy the fun of skiing in Auli, it is important for the participants to gain some basic information about the place. Located within the Gharwal Himalayas, Auli is just 16kms away from the famous Hindu religious place of Joshimath. The 3km long skiing slope with a height ranging between 2519m and 3049 m above sea level is a major attraction for skiing participants. In addition, the destination is also renowned for its clean surroundings, great views of the Himalayas and mesmerizing natural beauty. Not many people are aware of the fact that Auli was initially commissioned as a training ground for the paramilitary forces, but has today become a haven for skiing lovers.

Factors That Make Auli A Perfect Skiing Destination

When it comes to adventure sports, India lags far behind in the international arena. As such it is matter of great pride and joy that Auli has been adjudged as one of the best skiing grounds across the globe, by French and Austrian experts. Their giving top rating to Auli as a skiing destination matters a lot, since these two countries are known to be the home of some of the most famous skiing resorts in the world. Listed below are the various factors that contribute towards making Auli achieve this recognition.

  • One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of the destination amongst avid skiers is that it is located high enough to enjoy a deep snow cover all year round while being low enough to ensure easy accessibility to the skiing participants.
  • The sheer height and spread of the mountains covered in snow in Auli makes for an extremely thrilling and exciting skiing experience. The skiers can also enjoy the additional advantage of skiing over powdered snow, which is tempting enough to kindle their adventurous spirit to the core.
  • Skiing at this destination provides the participants a unique opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of some of the tallest Himalayan peaks including Nanda Devi, Karmet and Dunagiri. The sheer majesty of these mountains leaves the participants dazed besides generating a sense of humbleness in them by making them aware of their own insignificance.
  • The destination is suitable not only for highly experienced and professional skiers but also for beginners, who are just getting a knack of the sport. Several tour operators offer different skiing packages and training to meet the needs and skill levels of the enthusiastic participants.
  • In addition to enjoying the fun of gliding down the snow covered mountain slopes, visitors to Auli can also take part in a variety of other adventure activities including trekking and water sports. Moreover, the destination is also known as a cultural paradise, which adds to the fun and excitement of an adventure outing in this remote Himalayan destination.

Undecided Fate Of Auli As The Venue For International Skiing Championship In February 2018

Making The Best Of Auli Skiing Trip

Often referred to as the Switzerland of India, in terms of offering great skiing adventure, Auli has become a destination well frequented by adventure enthusiasts. The Auli ski resort offers various facilities to ensure that these numerous visitors have completely fun filled and exciting time while also taking care of their safety and well being. The participants can contact the resort officials to get equipment on rent, book training sessions or even learn about the best trekking trails in accordance with their skill level. Since the best time to undertake the skiing activity in the region is between the months of December and March, it is advisable for the participants to book their package well in advance. This will prevent them from facing any last minute disappointments due to the huge rush of skiing enthusiasts.

What The Experts Have To Say

Skiing experts from across the globe describe the fun of the adventure activity in their own unique ways. This generally depends on how they relate to the activity as an individual. However, irrespective of their views about the sport, their passion for it is quite obvious and this is what drives them to excel in every aspect of skiing and take on new challenges at different destinations around the world. This is evident from their below mentioned comments made on different occasions and at different destinations about this exciting adventure sport.

Skiing expert Dash Longe, tends to compare the different skiing destinations with various food items. To him a peak covered completely in snow looks like a marshmallow, while another mountain having layers of snow interspersed with peeking rock looks more like a fungal mushroom which rather than being wrapped around a tree is stuck to a mountain. In fact Dash uses his own unique lingo to describe the various peaks where he has enjoyed skiing.

For musician and mountain skier Matt Readon, skiing is just another way to have great fun. Daron Rahlves, who has skied with Matt believes that the sport offers them just another excuse to hang out and enjoy the fun of later’s music set to the tones of live guitar playing after a day full of enthralling adventure. In fact there are other skiers who consider the sport to be quite unlike any other adventure activity, as every new destination offers them something new to learn and explore.Skier Robert Hsokinson consider the fun of skiing to be a pretty cool experience that offers never ending fun. These comments are proof enough that the love people share for skiing is truly unique.

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