Tikona Fort Trek

The Glorious Fort Of Tikona

I gaze at the silhouette of this triangular shaped mountain as it stands mysteriously blended with the darkness of the night.

“The route must be from the right side”

“No, I think the route must be from the left side, there is also a bastion on the way.”

Standing at the campsite of Rusticville, I discuss about the possible trails to go with, a night before.  Tikona might be just like any other fort. But it needed to be climbed. Why? Because it is there!

The most interesting part is that I had to climb this tiny fort with 9 children’s who barely had any experience. But kids are much better climbers compared to adults as they are carefree and enthusiastic. So we decide to conquer the fort early in the morning. As I get out of my tent at 5 in the morning, the crescent moon shines elegantly at a distance.

Trek To Tikona Fort

We quickly get ready and zoom to the starting point of the trek. It is not very hard to find it.  The initial climb is slightly steep which is fairly doable. We were trekking at 7 in the morning. So the climate was favorable and our speed was also good. After 15-20 minutes of the climb, we reached a ridge from where we could see views on both the sides of the mountain. There was one more route on the left side which I guess connected the other mountain.

The golden light of the rising sun lit faces of everyone beautifully. The horizon looked different and adorable with 3 different colors. As I take a look around, I realize that the fort is on the right side and it is still far.

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tikona fort

We continue climbing towards the summit. There are exposed patches in many places so one needs to be careful. Also, the path is slippery, even in winters. Wearing a good shoe will considerably help.

On our way, I was surprised to see a huge circle with a stone wheel in it. It was an ancient grinder. Interesting! We reach the final part of the climb which was probably the toughest in the trek (though it wasn’t too hard). Small and steep steps needed to be climbed. A fixed rope has been put up for support.

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tikona trek

After climbing the steps, we saw few people camping at the fort. I wonder if they have any idea about the ban of staying at the fort after sunset.

Anyways, we reach to the top and noticed a temple. I traverse to the other side where I got to see breathtaking views of Pawna Lake. It looked like a river channel surrounding a mountain peak. But it was a lake and humongous enough.

tikona fort trek

The existence of such beautiful landscapes makes me believe in climbing mountains. There are 4 viewpoints at different directions on the top.

While returning, the sun was over the top which harsh heat. We were lucky to start our trek early in the morning. We completed the whole trek in just 3 hours!

Trek To Tikona Fort

Few Tips –

  • There is a vehicle parking charge of around Rs. 40 – 50
  • It can be a killer to climb under heat. There are not many trees for shade.
  • There are campsites at the base village for overnight stays
  • You may find vendors selling lemon juice
  • In winters the water deposited at the top is not good. So do not depend on it for your drinking purpose
  • There is a small restaurant at the start of the trek.

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