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Top 8 Night Trekking Destinations That You Must Visit Once In A Lifetime

One just can’t stop the adrenaline freaks as they will find ways to get their souls satisfied with different adventurous activities. Trekking, camping, rafting, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, and paragliding are some of the activities which are getting popular especially in India in recent years. There are people from all over the country wants to explore the new places to get their camp and new challenges through their trekking route. Our country is equipped with different ranges and still there are many routes and mountains which are untouched by the humankind and to discover them, trekkers make every possible try. This is the best way to get close to the nature and we all have this want of venturing out in the wild. This idea to go out into the wild, there is always the first thing that comes into our mind is trekking. The best thing about India is that there are number of trekking spots available regardless of the part of the country. So, you just need to be ready and you will find 8 to 10 spots around the 100 Kms away from your location and you will be able to spend the best time of your life that will be remembered throughout your lifetime. We all love to trek throughout the day and to camp alongside the river at night but recently the trend has changed as there are different night treks available that comes with more adventure and always keep your adrenaline levels high in the body. Here is the list of top 10 night trekking destinations that you must try at least once in your lifetime.

Ravugodlu Night Trek

Ravugodlu Night Trek With Go Karting

The night trek is available at the southern part of India as Ravugodlu hill is located at the Ravugodlu village which is near to the Somanahalli at Bangalore Kanakapura road. The trek route is the best one for the trekkers who are just starting with the trekking experience as the one side of the trek is about 3kms from one side. Once you will reach the top of the peak, you can have the amazing view of the banneraghtta forest which looks even denser at night and can enjoy the sun rise the next morning. As the whole trek is of about 7 to 8 kms, it is one of the best getaway for your upcoming weekend and if you living in or around the city of Bangalore. After reaching at the base of the peak, usually, the trek starts around 12 at night and after reaching at the peak of the hill, you can start with the campfire and relax with your sleeping bag. The next morning after being the witness of the amazing sun rise, you will start your trek down the hill where you will have your breakfast and can also enjoy the session of go karting of around 3 laps. Your trekking journey will come to an end after reaching the city again as you will reach there by noon of the next day.

Acchalu Betta Night Trek

Acchalu Betta Night Trek

Another trekking location which is quite near to the main city of Bangalore and is one of the lesser known trekking trails around the city which makes it even more desirable location for the trekkers. The location of the trek is about 75 kms away from the city and is named after the small village which is at the hilltop. As the location is lesser known to the world, it has still not suffered the human interventions as has maintained its natural beauty as the hill features a Muneshwara temple where you can find different sized statues of Nandi. Once you have participated to the trekking tour, you will be picked up from the city and will reach the base of the hill near about 1 AM in the morning. After reaching the base, you will start your journey which is about 3 kms from one side and will reach the peak in about one and half hours. The view at the top of the hill is mesmerizing as you will gather memories for your lifetime while enjoying moments at the campfire and resting in your sleeping bags. The next morning comes with the sunrise as after watching it, the group will start descending and head straight to the Kanakapura where you will have your breakfast. This is another trek which lasts for one night as you can plan it on your upcoming weekend and as the trek is of around 8 kms in total, it is always perfect for the beginners.

This Winter Be Ready For Spitikaurava-kunda-hills

Kaurava Kunda Night Trek

The joined peaks holds a part of the history as it is named after the mythological characters – the Kaurava and Pandavas. The place is one the best locations, if you are looking for a getaway from the same tired and boring life. It is situated around 70kms away from the main city of Bangalore and is in the district of Chikkaballapur.The peak is at the height of 250m from the ground level and the best months to travel to the location is between September and February. The journey starts from the foothills as the sandy steps will lead you to the temple of Lord Shiva which is at the middle of your destination. The whole route is covered with bushes, lush trees, and thorns as one needs to take care of them as they can easily cause you an injury. When you are about to reach the top of the hill, you can find the steep slopes which makes the climbing a little challenging but it is worth every challenge. After reaching the top of the hill, you can enjoy the mesmerizing views as the Chikkaballapur town is also visible from the height. You also need to carry some warm clothes or jackets as you need to protect yourself from the thrashing cold and wind. You can sit around the campfire and after enjoying the sun rise, the group will descend to the base of the hill.

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Trek

The whole trek route not only offers the view from the top of the hill but also famous for the mystical Rangaswamy temple which is located at the summit. It is one of the most admired night treks located around 80 kms away from Bangalore with a magnificent view of the backdrops. There are generally two routes available to the reach at the top of the hill as one is from the Bangalore-Mysore highway and the other one from the Kanakapura road. Once you will be picked from the location you will reach at the footsteps of the hill where you will provided with little briefing about the whole trek. The one side of the trek is of about 3 to 4 kms and the moonlight makes it even more mesmerizing and interesting throughout your journey which can be slippery and challenging. After reaching at the top of the hill, you can enjoy the stunning view of Savandurga range, the Cauvery River, and the shimmering city light which will add to your memory. After spending hours in appreciating the beauty of the location, you can enjoy sometime with your trek-mates in front of the campfire and can also take rest in the sleeping bags or can play some games with your friends under the moonlight. The next morning, you will start to descend around 6 in the morning and will reach the base by 7:30. At the footsteps of the hill, you can get fresh and starts the onward journey to the city.

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Shivagange Night Trek

As the name suggest, Shivagange is the location which has the religious significance and is also known for the adventure that the pace offers. In India, the place is known by a different name as Dakshina Kashi which is about 60kms away from Bangalore and while trekking to the top of the hill, you can come across the numerous shrines which are dedicated to Shiva, Parvathi, and Ganga, including Gangadhareshwara temple and Honnadevi temple. The location also contain the spring water spots and as per the myths, the water is of sacred Ganga and hence the reason behind the name of the place. The best part of the location is that rom the west, Shivagange looks like the shape of a Shiva Linga. While from east, it looks like the shape of a bull, a cobra from the North, and from East, a Ganesha. There are two routes to the reach at the top of the hill as one is Bangalore-Hassan route which is always the less crowded route and the other one is via Dabbaspet. The months from October to March are considered to the best months to start your trek as on every Sankranti, the place is swarming with people. Every year, other than the pilgrims, the Shivaganga trek attracts thousands of trekkers and rock climbers due to the stiffness of the mountains and the place is also known to be rich in medicinal herbs which can be found all over the place.

Makalidurga Night Trek

Makalidurga Trek

Another location which is about 60 kms away from the main city of Bangalore is a best known place for an ideal escapade from the high pressure from the work. It is located close to the Doddaballapur town which offers great experience for the people who wants to try trekking, rappelling, rock climbing and other adventurous sports activities. The whole route offers the craggy and uneven terrains which come with the scenic beauty and a sense of being close to the nature. The top of the hill is about 4,430 ft above the ground level but there is no comparison with the satisfaction that you can sense after reaching at the top as it is surrounded with some scenic views and lush vegetation. After starting your journey from the footsteps of the hill, you will come across the steep mountains, bushes, and thorns which make it even more challenging during the night. There are certain other activities as a campfire is a best way to interact with your trek-mates and one can also take some rest in the sleeping bags as you don’t want to miss the view of the sunrise as it is worth waking up early in the morning. After spending sometime during the sunrise, the group will start to descend as the breakfast is provided at the footsteps and energy bars are also available, if someone is in the need of it. It is always recommended not to wear the tight clothes during the trek as they can make it worse while climbing the mountains and also don’t carry any valuables with you like jewelry or similar possessions. This is the best way to relax and you can also plan the tour for your upcoming weekend.

Madhugiri Fort Trekking

Madhugiri Fort Trekking

The location is about 120 kms North West of Bangalore which is in then Tumkur district. It is also known as the hill of the honey and the Madhugiri trek is named after the Madhugiri hill. If you are driving, it takes about three hours to reach from Bangalore to the location and the whole trek will take about 2 hours in total.The trek is famous as it is little technical and steeper even for the trekkers who have the years of experience in the same field. The Madhugiri fort which is present at the hill doesn’t have entrance fee, so you can start your journey as soon as possible. You can be amazed with the water channeling system which is circulated from the top of the hill as there is a pond which you can witness at the starting of your trek as the water is stored that comes from the top of the hill. There are many places in the fort which are used to keep arrows and cannon fireballs in early years to protect the fort from the invaders. There were also some of the rooms for the soldiers to hideout as some of them are hard to discover. After reaching at the top of the hill, you can spend time exploring the fort and different rooms as the fort has three different entrance gates. There are two ways to reach the location as once you will leave Tumkur; there is a deviation that takes you via Siddara Betta and Chennarayana Durga to Madhugiri. Second route: The other deviation takes you directly to Madhugiri via Koratagere. As you will make the plan, always remember to take a walking stick, hiking shoes, woolen clothes as weather can change anytime, torch, and medical kit in case of some emergency.

Muthurayanabetta Trek

Muthurayanabetta Trek

Another location which is near to Kanakapura and is about 70kms away from the main city of Bangalore. If you are one of them who is suffering from the troubling routines of your office, this is one of the best trekking expedition that you can try this weekend as it can be completed in one night and a day. It is considered to be favorite destination for rock climbing, rappelling for beginners and mid-level adventure enthusiasts of all ages. Make use of this amazing chance to explore the rocky landscape with a view of the lake situated on the side of the mountain. You will be guided by trained professionals while you do rappelling from about 80-100 feet height above along with the aids of safety gears as well.After reaching at the base of the hill, you will warmed up with small games and have your light breakfast before starting your unforgettable journey to the top. The whole route consists of rocky paths which are surrounded by the magnificent view of the mountains. Other than trekking, you can also enjoy rappelling, birding and caving. After enjoying these activities, you can start descending and enjoy your lunch after reaching at the base of the hill. Later, you can also indulge into more fun games and activities and call it as the end of your journey after you will finish these activities. Always remember to wear the trekking shoes, water bottle, confortable clothes and personal medical kit which will be required in the case of emergency. As the whole trekking route is full of rocky paths and bushes, it makes it a bit difficult for the trekkers but trekkers who have just started; it can be one of the best experiences.

If you are in Bangalore, you can always try the experience of trekking near the city. Bangalore is a city that is full of corporate employees and the work culture is hectic. For a perfect getaway and trekking near Bangalore, you will not find better places than this. You will have the best experience of your lifetime and nothing can beat the adventure you can have while you visit Bangalore. Trekking in Bangalore has always been one of the best options for people living there and there are reasons to support this excitement.

Breaking the Monotony : When someone is doing the same task repeatedly, monotony gets on to one’s nerve and can spoil the lifestyle. To break free and make the most of the stay in Bangalore, people like to visit these places for trekking.

An Ideal Place : Bangalore is a green city and surrounded by hills and mountains and valleys. What can be a better place to trek than the outskirts of Bangalore that gives peace and solace to every individual who likes night time trek and adventure more than anything else? There should be green all around when someone is up for trekking ambiance. There is nothing like this place.

Many Places to Explore : Bangalore is one city that has several options for a trekking enthusiast to explore the adrenaline in them. This is one of the reasons most of the people like trekking as it is affordable and provides one with solace and immense pleasure. The place is flourishing as in early years, northern India was famous for the trekking but the things are changing as now Bangalore has become the hub for most of the adventurous sports and activities.

Close To Most Of The Locations All top 8 locations for night trekking and camping are close to the main city of Bangalore which makes the location the most favorable for most of the people as it is known to be the IT hub of the country. After getting into the busy schedule and working for almost 14 to 16 hours in a day, these locations are best escapades for the weekends. So if you want a getaway for the upcoming weekend and if you are alone then it is the best time and you can also plan it with your group of friends.

trekking in Bangalore

Trekking has become the most favorite weekend activity for Bangaloreans. Fortunately, Bangalore is also gifted with plenty of trekking and adventure destinations in a close proximity to the city. With substantial young population from technology industry, Bangalore trekking sites are often crowded with large number of adventure enthusiasts trying to catch a sunrise view, particularly on the weekends. While the long, overnight trekking destinations of Karnataka like Kumara Parvatha, Kudremukh and Brahmagiri Peak are little far away, tries to list the top trekking sites within 150 km from Bangalore that can be visited in one day from Bangalore City. If you are in search of a day out with your colleagues or family venture out into trekking destinations in and around Bangalore get some amusement and enjoy a leisurely time. Bangalore is teeming with young population who look forward to indulge in various adventures and to catch the sunrise view while trekking is certainly the most pristine experience if you are one of those adventure junkies. Surrounded by clouds and natural sounds with the fresh mountain air greeting your face is just one of the rewards of a trekking excursion near Bangalore. You can consider yourself to be a lucky soul if living in Bangalore as the best trekking destinations are in the proximity and no one needs to venture out to the Himalayas for the same.
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