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Marathon Tiger Safaris Tours

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Marathon Tiger Safaris Tours - A Grand Ride Through Four Unique Tiger Reserves


Tigers are often referred to as royal beasts of the jungle and are hence held in great reverence. Apart from the fact that the very idea of coming across these royal cats invokes a sense of fear and thrill, the natural grace and elegance of the tigers is also one of the major reasons behind their mysterious appeal. Sighting a tiger in its natural habitat often creates a sense of thrill and excitement in the onlookers and also makes them feel belittled by the sheer power and majesty emanating from these beasts. In view of the above facts it is not surprising that marathon tiger safaris tours are gaining great popularity amongst both nature lovers and adventure seekers.


This unique safari tour takes the participants on a rapid yet grand trip across four prominent tiger reserves in Central India, specifically Madhya Pradesh. These tiger reserves include, Kanha, Panna, Bandhavgarh and Peench. Each of these reserves is known for its unique ecosystem, great biodiversity and beautiful landscapes. Apart from enjoying the view of the tigers in their full jungle glory within their natural habitat, the participants of this marathon safari also get to experience the unparalled beauty of these four National Parks.


The safaris are conducted under the supervision of expert forest rangers, who, are well versed with the mood and behavior of these ferocious cats. In addition, various safety measures are adapted to avoid any untoward incidents and the participants are especially instructed repeatedly about avoiding any activities that might provoke the beasts. Overall, the trip proves extremely enthralling and quenches the thirst for adventure that draws people to participate in the safaris. 




The Marathon is a fast track  dedicated expedition through the forests of Central India. We will be covering 4 major parks of Madhya Pradesh i.e Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Panna. All these 4 Tiger reserves have a unique ecosystem, beautiful landscapes and varied biodiversity that can be enjoyed at its peak in summers.


Pench Tiger Reserve : 2 Safaris + 1 Night Safari
Kanha Tiger Reserve : 2 Safaris
Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve : 3 Safaris
Panna Tiger Reserve : 3 Safaris


Tigers to look out for :

Pench : Collorwali Tigeress and her cubs, Dhara (C1), BMW male, Raiyakassa Male, Sharmili, Langdi and her cubs.

Kanha : Munna, Link 7 male ( Chota Munna), Umarpani female.

Bandhavgarh : Bheem Male, Spotty and cubs, Rajbehra and her sub adults, Kankati Junior, Mahaman Males, Dotty.

Panna : T1 female and her cubs. P141 and P142 Tigers 




Day 0  : Leave for Nagpur by Duronto Express, Trn No.12289 at 08:00 pm from CSTM.


Day 1  : Start our journey from Nagpur at 08:00 am and head to Pench national park in private car / self driven car. We will be entering forest of Pench National Park from Madhya Pradesh border where the tiger sightings probabilities are highest. Reach Resort by 1:00 pm. Check in, Ice-breaking session with group and Lunch. After Lunch Gear up and Leave for 1st Wildlife Safari. Evening Go for a Night safari in buffer forest of Pench which is a very thrilling and rewarding track that offers great opportunities to sight leopards, civet cats and Indian wolves. Dinner, Group discussion about day’s sighting and Pench tiger reserve in detail. Lights off and day ends. (B, L, D )


Day 2 : Early Morning Have Breakfast and Leave for 2nd Wildlife Safari in Pench. Alternatively we might carry our breakfast on safari only to save on safari time. Post safari pack up and check out. Drive to Kanha. Enjoy the journey through beautiful tiger corridor – NH6. Reach Kanha by lunch. Quick lunch and leave for our safari in Kanha. Return to the resort. Fresh up, rest and dinner. Overnight at the resort. (B, L, D)


Day 3 : Early Morning leave for another Wildlife Safari in Kanha. Return to the resort and Check Out. Leave For Bandhavgarh. Enroute lunch and reach Bandhavgarh by evening. Check in and relax with a cup of chai! Rest and replenish your energy for next day’s adventure at Bandhavgarh. Overnight at the resort.  (B, D)


Day 4 : Early Morning, Leave for our Jungle Safari in Bandhavgarh. Track some tigers, listen to the alarm calls and follow the pugmarks. Breakfast and return to the resort. Rest and post lunch leave for Jungle Safari in Bandhavgarh. Evening Back to Resort. Dinner. Post Dinner Experience Sharing Session. Rest. (B, L, D)


Day 5  : Wake up and gear up for Jungle Safari in Bandhavgarh, explore the grassy meadows of Magadhi zone. Return to resort, freshen up and pack up. Check out. One can choose to end the marathon here and return back to home city from Bandhavgarh. If your heart still wants to wander in the forest and explore the wilderness then stay on as we continue our journey to Panna Tiger Reserve. Travel to Panna and reach by evening. Rest and enjoy the evening in the wild. Overnight at the resort. (B, D) 


Note : For those interested to take exist after Bandhvgarh, please get in touch with us for discounted pricing.


Day 6 : Wake up to the crisp summer air, get ready and leave for morning Safari. This would be our 8th consecutive safari in forest. Enjoy one of the beautiful forest of Panna, click some superb landscapes. If lucky spot more tigers and capture the felines in your camera! Breakfast inside the jungle…return to the resort. Rest and lunch. Post lunch go for our 9th Safari. Yes you must be tired but trust me it would be worth it! Enjoy the sun set over the mighty mountains and sal forest. Return to resort for a cup of chai…Dinner and overnight at the resort. (B, L. D) 


Day 7 : Early morning leave for our last safari. Explore the forest and spot more wildlife! Return to the resort. Check out and travel to Jabalpur station in evening. (B)


Transportation : Self Driven / Cost Sharing Basis at Actual


Ever imagined driving through the awesome forest corridors of central Indian rich forests? Now it’s the best part of this expedition that you can come self driven or even can hop in to a co-traveller’s car on cost sharing basis.

This would reduce your travel cost substantially, offer you a memorable driving experience and deliver plenty of fun moments with your new wildlife friends during the serene journey.

So gear up for this rustic journey. For more details regarding transportation for this tour, do get in touch with us


Note *

1. Costings are subject to change in case of any alternations in forest fees, union fees, guide charges etc.
2. This marathon is an extensive journey in peak summer, the safaris would be exhaustive.
3. Internal transfers during the tour will be at actual on sharing basis.
4. Service taxes as per Government (9%) will be additional on the total tour price. 


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