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50 Year Old Solo National Climber Climbs Six Peaks of Himalayas

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On 9th May, national climber Mohd. Noor Mat successfully reached the summit of Chola-La Pass, Himalaya. For him, the snowfall did not matter an inch. This recent victory finally made his goal accomplished and let him tick off from his bucket list to reach all the six Himalayan peaks. He reached the Nagarjun Peak (5,100 meters); Chukung RI (5,550 meters); Kongma La Pass (5,500 meters); Khalapattar (5,550 meters); Everest Base Camp (5,364 meters); and Chola-La Pass (5,420 meters).

Solo Climber

The 50 year old climber confessed that to reach the peak of Chola-La Pass, it took almost four hours. Sharing with the reporters of Utusan Malaysia via Whatsapp on 10th May, he said,  “Today’s snowfall was smooth and restricting my movement, as the climbing route to the summit was not visible”

“However, I was fortunate as I had my ski sticks and the Sherpa - who helped me throughout my climb.” He revealed that he will continue his adventure to reach the two other peaks and also make his way to the Gokyo Ri (5,357 meters) summit if the weather permits him to do so. 
He explained that If the weather is bad, he will have to change the plans and climb to the summit of Rangja Pass instead; but it all depends on the weather conditions.

Himalayas Trek

His efforts are to honor Malaysia’s 60th independence this year and following his recent achievement, Mohd. Noor subsequently became the first Malaysian to set foot on all six Himalayan summits. Last February, Mohd. Noor said to Utusan Malaysia, “The idea of conquering all six Himalayan summits is a gimmick that will arouse curiosity and remind Malaysians on the notion of independence.”

“This success will help inspire young people to pursue other missions in the future that are in line with the spirit of ‘Malaysia Boleh’” Mohd. Noor  has many feathers on his hat. Even before climbing the six peaks, he had his name inscribed in the  Malaysia Book of Records as he had  climbed  the peak of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah in 2007 for an impressive 50 times in just 60 days. 
Later, he broke his own record in 2010 by climbing up to the summit of Mount Kinabalu and standing at 4,095 meters above sea level for 111 times in 111 days.

Himalayan Peaks

In 2014, in honor of Malaysia’s 57th independence, Mohd. Noor set another record by climbing the highest mountain in Malaysia for straight 57 hours. He also climbed the stairs of Menara Kuala Lumpur for 21 times in 24 hours last November and just two months before he announced his ‘Himalaya 2017: Breaking Malaysia Records’ endeavor. His dedications to reach his goals and make records for his country inspires many youngsters make everyone believe that there is no limit to reach your goal.


Source:  Malaysian digest.com