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Maruthu Flowers Glory The High Ranges Of Kerala

Tag : White Maruthu Flowers, Kerala, hills and valleys

 Winter is the season of amazing climate where flowers bloom and change the color of the nature. And the same thing has happened in the valleys and hills of the high ranges of Kerala. White maruthu flowers (Arjuna tree) have been all over the hills and valleys of Kerala.

The flowers bloomed in the first week of November and will fall by December and January. The blooming of the Maruthu also announces the start of harvest.

White maruthu flowers

The fascinating feature of the Maruthu flower is that initially in the first two months, these flowers will bloom in white color, but later, gradually they will turn into a radiant red flower before falling. This quality drives many tourists to get the glimpse of the flowers from all over.


Source:  Mathrubhumi