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The Birth Of 11 Great Indian Bustards Was Witnessed In Desert National Park (DNP) Of Jaisalmer

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The birth of 11 Great Indian Bustards in the Desert National Park (DNP) of Jaisalmer has craved smiles on many faces. This was witnessed by taking the figure of the “critically endangered” species at its facility in 151. The wildlife team had spotted 11 out of 15 eggs in the park’s satellite area. They had been keeping an eye on the eggs from January to June and as the officer stated, the eggs hatched recently.

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A Rajasthan state bird, the Great Indian Bustard is also known as ‘Godawan’. These Great Indian Bustard was included in the list of “critically endangered” species after its number fell drastically due to poaching and erosion of habitat among other reasons. For the conservation of these birds, the state government has started a project named “Project Godawan”. Jaisalmer district conservator of forest (wildlife), Anoop K R said, “Mostly Godawan eggs fall prey to predators before hatching. Thus, the successful hatching is good news for us. The hatchlings would be able to fly in two to three weeks’ time. We are keeping a close watch on the birds.” As per the records of the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, the Desert National Park (DNP) has 140 such birds. And as stated by the officer, with the addition of the new 11 birds, the number has now gone up to 151.


Source: Indian Express