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The First Bird Festival of Goa Left The Visitors Mesmerized

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 Goa is not just about its beaches.  The lush green forest is a home for different type of birds. The first bird watching festival organized in Goa took place in a span of three days. Organized in Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, the bird watching festival gave an insight of various flying beauties like little spider hunter and the blue fly catcher.

People from different corners of the world witnessed the mesmerizing sight of birds, animals, colorful butterflies and other natural wonders in the significant spread of the Western Ghats in the state. Eagerly waiting visitor, Hemlata Sagare expressed that she did not want to miss the bird festival at any cost. Drooling over the beautiful birds, she said, “Goa has over 400 bird species and the festival has promised us the sighting of at least 200 of them. I have sighted a total of 30 species in two hours' time.”

Bird Festival of Goa

The significant and the interesting fact is that the second day of the festival commemorates the birth anniversary (November 12) of Dr Salim Ali, in whose honor, the Chorao-based sanctuary is named.


This festival gave locals and visitors the chance to explore Goa’s forest. Marvelyn Dias, a Vasco-based visitor stated, “This is a great chance to spend three days and nights in the forest. I was able to get pictures of various moths and even heard the cry of night birds.”


"Goa has a treasure of rich bio-diversity, which has been showcased through the bird festival. We need to take the tourists to the hinterlands, instead of restricting them only to the beaches," said Rajendra Arlekar, the minister for forest and environment.


Source: Times of India