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This Season, Everest Will Witness Record Number Of Summits

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An official said that Nepal has issued a record number of permits to the climbers who want scale Mount Everest this spring. He prompted fears of overcrowding on the world’s highest peak. As many as 373 foreign climbers have been permitted to scale Everest from the south side during a small window of good weather this month. The Himalayan nation has earned more than $2 million in fees.

Mount Everest

Every climber will attempt the summit with at least one Nepali guide. This means that the number of climber shoots up to 750 in next few weeks. "The number of climbers issued with permits for Everest this spring is the highest ever," said Department of Tourism spokesman Durga Dutta Dhakal. But it was expected for heavy foot traffic on Everest this year as the climbers were forced off the mountain by the 2015 earthquake rushing to use their extended permits before they expire.


In 2014, a deadly icefall killed 16 sherpas and in 2015, an earthquake triggered avalanche killed 18 people. This forced the officials to shut the busy spring climbing season on Everest for 2 consecutive years. The rise has led to concerns about potential dangers, even deadly, overcrowding on the mountain.

Mount Everest

"The best case scenario for 2017 is for many good weather days to spread out the crowds," climber and mountaineering blogger Alan Arnette warned in a recent post. "If it is like 2012 with four or even six (days) we can expect record deaths, record frostbite while seeing record summits –- a harsh scenario."


Experienced Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck died on Sunday while on an acclimatization climb marking it this season’s first death. Last year five people lost their lives on the peak, while 443 successfully summited from the Nepal side and nearly 200 made it to the top from the north side in Tibet. Last year 443 successfully summited from the Nepal side and 5 people lost their life.


Source – Deccan Chronicle