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Paintball Adventure Retreat : Damdama Lake

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Paintball battle game options:
i)    Columbian counter attack:  The exercise: The Columbian guerillas have captured Katrina Kaif. There is the attacking team called Tigers and the defending team called Panthers.The attacking team will walk through a rough mine and sniper infested terrain and the defending team will guard the captured Katrina Kaif but will have look out men and snipers and they will take pot shots at the approaching attacking team and finally have close combat near the defence area. The attackers need to rescue Katrina Kaif by picking her up and bringing back to own territory. Defenders will attempt to shoot down all attackers.
ii)    Jungle warfare:  Attackers go through mock minefields and wild bushes and obstacles to capture a hillock where enemy has taken positions. Snipers from the defending team has taken vantage point position to stop the attackers from capturing the hill.

iii)    Car and bunker shoot-out: Teams take positions in sandbag bunkers on the Paintball hillock as defenders. One team as attackers move in a car/jeep in front of the hillock. Firing guns from the cars as also the bunkers. Team score by hitting points on the bunker and bunker score points by hitting on the car sticker points and car passengers. Various teams inter change in firing sessions of 10 minutes each.


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Where Damdama Lake, Gurgaon, Haryana
Duration 1 Day
Difficulty -
Capacity 100 Seats
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Wanderlust Adventures
7th Aug, 2017
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Damdama Lake, Gurgaon, Haryana

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