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River Kayaking in Kerala

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The River Kayaking tour is all about discovering the various aspects of Kerala historically, culturally and in nature. This tour allows you to explore the historical city of  Fort Kochi, the nature and wildlife of Thattekad and the different plantations of Neriamangalam. This is an opportunity to cover the best parts of Kerala in one go. So what are you waiting for?


Day 1: Kochi

Your tour will begin at Fort Kochi. On arrival you will check into a heritage hotel at Fort Kochi. After a chance to relax and freshen up, you can spend the rest of the afternoon discovering a little bit about this interesting city, Fort Kochi. Its historic links can be seen in the Colonial bungalows, an old Synagogue, Chinese fishing nets, the oldest European church in India and a medieval Portuguese palace. You will spend the night at Kochi.

Day 2: Neriamangalam

After an early breakfast, you will head towards Neriamangalam, which is about 65 kms away. You will commence paddling from Neriamangalam, at the foothills of the Western Ghats where the river Periyar finally meanders onto the plains. Kayaking will be a fascinating experience with dense tropical jungles on one side and spice plantations on the other side of the river. You will also see the first ever rubber estate in India set up over a 100 years ago by Mr. Murphy, who built a huge mansion which is now in ruins, amidst what was once dense impenetrable lowland forests. Along the way, you will also come across a ‘Kavu’ or sacred grove, a holy forest preserved in its pristine state around an ancient temple. Besides the myriad birds along your way (over 275 species), you may also come across wildlife, notably elephants on the banks of the river!
You will pull into a lagoon near a riverside resort for a sumptuous lunch. After lunch, you will continue kayaking till you reach the world famous Salim Ali bird sanctuary at Thattekkad. Your stay will be at the Hornbill Camp (ww.thehornbillcamp.com), a birder’s camp that is situated opposite to the bird sanctuary. It is an ideal place to relax for the night.

Day 3: Thattekad

On the third day of this fascinationg tour, you will set out for a trek/nature walk into the lowland rainforests across the river from Hornbill Camp. With over 200 species of birds that includes 9 endemics, this area is a dream comes true for ardent birders. You will then proceed for a bit of kayaking on the Periyar River. After lunch at the camp and a couple of hours of rest, you will be back on kayaks again, cruising through the sunset. You will return to the camp for dinner and a well deserved rest.

Day 4: Kochi

You will be dropped back to Kochi after breakfast for departure to your next destination, marking the end of a memorable River Kayaking in Kerala tour.




Visitors to India must obtain a Visa before departure. You can consult the nearest Indian Embassy/ High Commission/ Consular Office for the same.


Airport Taxes

There are no airport taxes if you arrive/depart from Kochi International Airport.



You would be accompanied by a guide throughout the trip. These guides are experienced, trained in First Aid and fully qualified for the purpose of the tour. They would handle all concerns with regards to your safety and well being.

Telephone and Internet Access

You would have access to telephone and internet at most of the hotels. In case there are no internet access at the hotel, you would be able access it at an internet cafe in the nearest town.


Health Concerns

We suggest that you carry your own personal medication. Most medicines are available at the local pharmacies. The guide is equipped with a basic first aid kit. Please be wary of the following

• Dehydration: Due to excessive heat and humidity. Hydrate with lots of water and fluids.

• Heat Exhaustion: Take adequate precaution when outdoors by using sun screen (At least SPF 30), wearing long sleeved cotton shirts, donning a hat/cap and scarf if necessary.


The South Indian subcontinent is tropical - warm, humid and often wet. During the main monsoon, (July to October) there is heavy rain.



The main language spoken here is Malayalam . Most people in Kerala can understand a bit of English. Here are a few Malayalam words to get you started:
Hello - Namaskaram
Thank You - Nanni
How are you?– Sukhamano?
How much (As in cash) – Ethrayayi?
What is your name? - Perenna
Bye - Varatte

Liquor and Cigarette 

Consumption of liquor in public is prohibited by law in Kerala. And as of October 2014, only 5 star hotels will serve liquor. However, it can be bought at the local liquor stores. Kindly consult with your guide for further directions. 
Smoking in public places is an offence and will invite heavy penalties.



We recommended that you take your insurance before departure.


Things to carry on a Kayaking Trip

Kayaking kit consisting of shorts, T shirt and kayaking footwear
Sunscreen lotion
Camera (optional)
Rain jacket (during Monsoons)





Q: What types of Kayak would we be using?

A: Prijon Capri I & & II (Single & Tandem)


Q: Do we need to carry our own Kayaking gear?

A: No, we provide kayaking gear such as paddles and life jackets.


Q: Do you provide a Kayaking guide?

A: Yes, we provide our Kayaking Guide & an accompanying motor boat to carry your luggage.


Q: What if we would like to stop kayaking in between the trip?

A: There would be a back up motor boat accompanying you. This motor boat can take you back to your place of accommodation.


Q: If we are tired of kayaking, can we stop and take a break?

A: Yes, of course. Just inform the guide. You would also be stopping from time to time during the Kayaking tour to take photographs, visit interesting places along the way etc. So this would give you enough of a breather.


Q: I have never done Kayaking before. Can I be eligible to join the tour?

A: The guide would be providing sufficient training before the start of the tour. So even if you have not done Kayaking before, this would give you an opportunity to learn


Q: What do we do with our luggage/day bags etc?

A: You can store your luggage in the accompanying motor boat/ car provided by us.


Q: How about valuables like Passport, Cash etc that we wish to carry along with us?

A: We have a dry bag and a dry space on the kayak to store your valuables while paddling.




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