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Sky Diving


Tandem Experience

It is the gateway to the world of skydiving. The fastest non-motorised sport on the face of earth , where your body speed during free fall is 220 kmph plus. The adventure which gives you an   instant un-adulterated euphoria. At around 12000 feet above MSL, You take off elegantly into the space - a moment , the feeling of which will remain with you throughout your life. Never would you ever experience this instant nirvana again. Though the physical experience will last for 5000 feet, when your instructor will open the parachute, but it will have an everlasting impression on your soul.  Our instructors often allow you to maneuver the parachute at this stage. You will have a view of Mysore from top before you land at a predetermined place at the airport. The whole action will be videographed.

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This jump is for those , who want to do it for pleasure and adventure, who had a dream of flying like a bird in childhood, who want to live life to fullest because they know that you live only once.

Training :-  Our USPA Instructor will train you thoroughly till the time he is satisfied with your  various body positions which you need to maintain during the body flight during free fall. The training will include various communication signals and landing posture and procedure. The training will last for atleast an hour, depending from individual to individual.




Cost per person (INR)
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Date From 1st Feb, 16 to 31st Mar, 23
Where Mysore
Duration 3 Hrs
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 10 Seats
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7838984471, 8368292699, 01142156013
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