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South India Endemic Mammals Tour

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This 10-day South India Endemic Mammals tour takes you through the National Parks at Munnar, Anamalai Hills and the Nilgiri Biosphere. This region, a biological hot spot is home to about 140 mammal species, of which nearly 20 of them are endemic. While mammal diversity is lower here than in some other tropical hotspots, the hotspot does support a significant diversity of bats, with nearly 50 species and one endemic genus, represented by the bat Latidens salimalii , which is endemic to the High Wavy Mountains in the Western Ghats. Among flagship mammal species, the most prominent are the lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus), found in highly fragmented tropical rain forests in the Western Ghats, and the endemic Nilgiri tahr (Hemitragus hylocrius), which lives in the montane grasslands of the Western Ghats. This highly-focused South India Mammals Tour also focuses on the endemic birds as well from the hot spots at Munnar, Ooty and Nagarhole. Also on view would be Asiatic elephants, gaurs, Nilgiri Langurs, Dholes and Sloth Bears.


Day 1 to 2:  Munnar. 

Our journey starts at Munnar, the hill country – the highest areas along the Western Ghats. Among its rolling grasslands and steep cliffs live the endemic and endangered Nilgiri Tahrs. Concerted efforts by the conservationists have brought this magnificent animal back from the brink of extinction. At present there are more than 700 Tahrs in the area. We will visit the Eravikulam National Park area in search of this mild natured animal. We will also visit the Manavan shola – to look for the endemic birds like the Nilgiri Wood pigeon and the Broadtailed grassbird. Further exploration towards Chinnar will also enable us to sight the Malabar Giant squirrel and the endangered Star Tortoise.


Day 3 to 4: Indira Gandhi National Park & Surrounding Areas 

After you leave Munnar quite early in the morning, further exploration towards Chinnar, a dry scrub forest, will also enable you to sight the Malabar Giant squirrel, the Grizzled Giant Squirrel and the endangered Star Tortoise, possibly gaurs & elephants. After Chinnar you will be taking the 2 hour drive across the Tamil Nadu border to the forests of Valparai near Indira Gandhi national park - a place known for its great swathes of forests and wildlife. Elephants, sloth bears, leopards, gaurs (Indian Bison), dholes (wild dogs), king cobra and the lion-tailed macaques can be spotted in their natural habitat. We will venture out on a wildlife safari through the forest trails and the main target is the elusive and highly endangered endemic Lion Tailed Macaques.


Day 5 to 7: Masinagudi. 

Our destination will be the scrub and deciduous forests at Masinagudi. The sanctuary lies on the northern and north-western side of the Nilgiri(Blue Mountains),about 80 km north-west of Coimbatore in the extreme north-western corner of Tamil Nadu. Nature has been lavish in providing this sanctuary with thickly wooded hills, plateaus, deep valleys, waterfalls, rivers, marshes and streams. A variety of habitats ranging from Tropical Evergreen forest, Moist mixed deciduous, Moist Teak forest, Dry teak forest, Secondary grass lands, Shrubs and Swamps exists here. The bird diversity in these habitats is unbelievably rich and is a welcoming place for bird watchers from far and wide. This park harbours over 200 species of birds from 48 families and is one of the richest bird areas. The wildlife includes Elephants, Gaur, Banner, Macaque, Common Langur, Tigers, Leopards, Chital, Panther, Sloth Bear, Python, Barking Deer, Four Horned Antelope, Hyena, Wild Dog, Wild Boar, Mouse Deer, Spotted Deer, Jackal, Hare, Porcupine and Mongoose.


Day 8 to 9:  Nagarhole. 

The place derives its name from Kannada - "Naga" meaning snake and "hole" referring to streams. The area was an exclusive hunting reserve of the former rulers of Mysore. It was set up in 1955 and is one of the best-managed parks in the country. This park is located to the northwest of Bandipur National Park. Kabini reservoir separates this park from Bandipur National Park. The climate is tropical, summers are hot and winters are pleasant. The park boasts of a healthy Tiger-predator ratio. Tiger, Bison and Elephant are much denser here than in other reserves in South India - in fact this National Park is the best destination for viewing the Asiatic elephant in large numbers. Our time here will be spent on jeep safaris, walks into the forest or for coracle rides – all in search for the amazing wildlife in this area.


Day 10: Depart

After a morning walk with the naturalist, this fascinating South India Endemic Mammals Tour ends. Depart for the next destination.



All Travellers to India require valid Visas prior to arrival. 

Information on weather, climate & Clothing 

In general the weather will be warm and pleasant – hot during the day, except in the hills, where it will be cooler. You will need cotton wear, with full sleeves for evenings. At Munnar, it is recommended to carry woolens. 

List of clothing and equipment 


Trekking/ walking or running shoes ( trainers) 
Campshoes or throngs ( flip-flops) 
Socks – Cotton. One pair woolen or polypropylene


Sweater or light jacket 
Hiking shorts or skirts 
Light Waterproof jacket / poncho 
Hiking pants 
T-shirts or Blouses 
Sunhat ( wide brim preferable) 
Swimwear ( optional) 
Small Rucksack (day pack) 
Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb

Other items 

Toilet articles 
Swiss knife 
Sunblock ( SPF-35 plus) 
Hand Towels for day use 
Laundry soap 
Personal medical kit 
Bandana / sweatband 
Sun glasses 

Optional gizmos 

Laptop or Notebook for recording bird lists etc 


Water Bottle: Suggest carry on person either in day pack or on belt. 


Tripods/ telescopes & allied equipment

Land transportation 

Travel will be in Air conditioned SUV, Your baggage will be carried on the roof rack, or in luggage compartment of the SUV. At Top Slip and Nagarhole,  jeep may be provided for safari along minor forest roads.






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