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Wildlife Photomania Tour Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

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This Wildlife Photography Trip will focus on searching and photographing the most beautiful  kingfisher of India the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher. This campsite at Chiplun (Konkan, Western Ghats) also shelters numerous exotic species of Birds like (Blue eared Kingfisher, Hornbills, Black birds, India Pitta, Crested Hawk Eagle, Spider hunters and Sunbirds), Reptiles like (Crocodiles, snakes, Lizards, Chameleon, geckos), Amphibians like (caecilians, frogs & toads) and insects like (Butterflies, moths, beetles, bugs and lots more) which can satisfy our photographic desires to its fullest !!




Day 1 :  Start from Mumbai at 6 am and start our travel towards Chiplun. Reach our campsite Chiplun by 1 pm. Freshen up and enjoy homely delicious lunch. Post lunch photography session – Target species oriental dwarf kingfisher. Evening Tea, Refreshment and Night Stay.


Day 2 : Early morning post breakfast proceed for 2nd session of Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Photography. Post lunch proceed back towards Mumbai / your respective destination.




1. Poncho / Raincoat.
2. Umbrella
3. Gumboots
4. Leech Socks / Knee length socks
5. Torch
6. ID Cards Compulsory
7. Macro Lens (If you are a photographer)
8. External Flash (Optional)

Some Do’s :

* Carry clothes according to the season of the visit. Carry clothes that will help you camouflage with the surroundings.
* Always carry Original Identity Proof.
* Carry a frangrance-free Sunscreen.
* Always keep your phone on silent or airplane mode when entering forest. 
* Cover your face with a scarf to protect it from dust. 
* Also carry extra batteries, memory cards for cameras and cover it to protect the camera from dust,rain etc. 
* Always remain calm and composed when any sighting takes place. 
* Your guide/mentor and locals know the area inside the forest better than anyone, so do cooperate with them. 
* Do follow strict timing as given by your team leader to avoid delay in any activities as safaris are group events. 
* Always respect your local guide/driver and their knowledge about the forest during an safari. 
* For herping/monsoon wildlife tous, always carry wind-cheaters, proper clothing and shoes, water-proof bags. Also get rain proof covers for your camers/binoculars etc.

Some Don’ts:

* Do not litter in forest and surrounding areas
* Do not throw anything out of the gypsy.
* Don’t yell,scream or wave at the animals.
* Do not wear brightly coloured clothes or apply any kind of perfumes or deos
* Never feed any animals 
* Do not play any loud music in vicinity of the forest area.
* No one is allowed to get down from the gypsy inside the forest. 
* Do not argue with any person like forest guards, guides, locals or even travellers from another gypsy during the safari.

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Where Chiplun, Maharashtra
Duration 2 Days / 1 Night
Difficulty Easy
Capacity 12 Seats
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