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10 Interesting Reactions for the Acrophobic Persons when they are at Height

We are all afraid of something. Even the bravest person you have ever come across fears something. It is basic human nature to be afraid of something. Some fear fire, for some it’s the darkness that frightens them. What to say, some people are phobic to harmless creatures like cockroaches. It is kind of weird that every human on the planet is afraid of something. One of the interesting phobias is the acrophobia. A person is said to have acrophobia if he/she is afraid of heights and they are called acrophobic. It is often hilarious to watch the expressions of an acrophobic when he reaches a certain height. Here is a list of 10 interesting reactions of the acrophobic persons when they are positioned in a tall place.

  1. The Extremely Scary Face

Scary Face

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If you take an acrophobic person to a tall place, you can see the facial expressions of extreme fear. These guys are very much afraid of the heights that they just can’t hide their fear. It is often said that the face is the mirror of the mind. Whatever is going through your mind will reflect on your face. The face of acrophobic persons shows how frightened they are, when they are on height. Some may even scream due to fear.

  1. The Depressed Face


It is quite interesting that some of the acrophobic persons get a depressed feeling when they are on heights. It is due to the stupid instincts that they have a high probability of getting themselves killed by falling from heights. They can’t be blamed because most of us get depressed when they think of dying.

  1. The Denying Face

The Denying Face

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It is a hilarious thing to watch when you are with the acrophobic person, and someone is prompting them to get to a tall place. No matter how hard you try, they just won’t let themselves be on top of tall places. They will keep on nodding their head sideways denying the heights.

  1. The Eye Bulging Face


In the case of some people, eyes pop out of their face when they feel extreme fear. The acrophobic persons also show this kind of face when they are on top of a tower or something like that. They won’t be able to say a single word because they are stumbled because of their fear towards the height. Some may even look like a statue. Even though one should not enjoy other people’s fears, it certainly is a funny scene to look at.

  1. The Angry Mode

The Angry Mode

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Even though these people are very much afraid of heights, there is a tendency to get angry when someone makes fun of them. Nobody likes it when someone is laughing at you for your fears. When they get angry they may even forget that they are on a tall place and they may try to get in a fight with those who made him angry. So it would be very nice if you don’t make fun of an acrophobic person next time.

  1. The Self-Consoling Face

The Self-Consoling Face

Pic Credit : http://tinyurl.com/q2llbwd

There are people with high confidence and self-esteem levels who are capable of consoling themselves when they are undergoing various problems. You can find people with this attitude among the acrophobic persons also. When they are steadily climbing a height, you can find them literally speaking out consoling words to keep themselves sane. If you listen to these self-talking, there is lot of fun going around. But as I mentioned earlier, don’t try to laugh. They keep on uttering words until they descend to a safe height.

  1. Pretending I’m Okay

Pretending I’m Okay

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We know people who don’t like to see themselves lose or being small because of their ego. They pretend that everything is just fine, even though they are undergoing a lot of pressure and pain in their mind because they want to remain as brave and strong persons. Since it is a common nature, acrophobic persons also pretend that they are doing fine when they reach a certain height. You can see them struggling to put a smile on their face. You can tell if someone if bluffing or not by looking carefully at their cheekbones. If they are giving a fake smile, hiding their fear, their cheekbones and muscles will vibrate unusually. Sometimes it is really pathetic scene to watch these acrophobic persons trying to put a smile on their face.

  1. Getting Sick

Getting Sick

Pic Credit : http://tinyurl.com/pzev4r9

There are some people who get sick if they are forced to deal with something they are afraid of. The same goes with the acrophobic persons. Some grow pale when they reach heights due to extreme fear. For some, blood rushes to their face when they can’t stand the heights. Some particular acrophobic persons are likely to throw up when they are on heights. Gross isn’t it? A large number of acrophobic persons have admitted that they feel like the world is spinning around them when they look down from tall places and cause them to have a fit.

  1. Hallucinating

Hallucinating Face

Pic Credit : http://tinyurl.com/ncho3no

It is quite an interesting phenomenon among the acrophobic persons. Some of them feel like they are falling down or going to fall down when they look down. Even though there won’t be much distance from their position to the ground, they feel like they are falling down gradually. It is an illusion created by the mind because of the fear of height.

10.    Over Reacting


Have you ever noticed people over reacting when they are doing or experiencing something they are not comfortable with? Some acrophobic persons go all nuts when they reach a certain height. It may be due to two possible reasons. The primary reason is for shaking off the fear by doing the most random stuff and screaming random things. Or maybe they overreact because they don’t want to face their fear and tries to divert the focus to something else. In either case, overreacting is a good exercise by the acrophobic persons, even though it may seem abnormal to other people.

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