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India being an incredible country consists of a plethora of beautiful travel destinations of which many are world attractions. Almost all Indians love to travel and explore diverse places but the problem here is that most of them aren’t aware of the places where some of them will be situated near to them. 365 HOPS comes with a page dedicated exclusively for travel enthusiasts which provides detailed information about the prominent tourist destinations available in India. Through this one can effectively plan and organize their trip considering the factors like cost, budget, climate etc. Following are the list of some of the most popular and highly visited places inside the country.

Six Amazing Adventure Activities In India That Promise Great Thrill And Fun

1) Tadoba Tiger Wildlife Safari

Tadoba Tiger Wildlife Safari 2

India’s most popular tiger safari place tadoba national park is situated in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra and was first established as a  National Park in 1955. In 1995 it was declared as the tiger reserve. The total area of the park is 1727.6 sq.kms with a  core area of 625.82 sq.kms and a buffer area of 1101.78 sq.kms. The name of the park ‘Tadoba’ is taken from the name of the God ‘Taru’ who is the diety worshipped by the tribal people in that region.The place being famous for the Bengal Tiger species is divided into three main regions the north Tadoba region, Morhurli region and the south Kolsa range and safari is allowed in all three. They are named after three water sources near the region namely the Tadoba river, Tadobalake and the Kolsa lake.

The Central park of this Tadoba Tiger Wildlife Safari region is the Moharli which is the best and the most famous area for spotting animals. Whereas the Tadoba zone is known for scenic location and animal spotting. The south Kolsa zone is filled with forest region where the main focus is on the flora of the place.

Adventure trip itinerary with 365Hops

Tadoba Safari booking :

For Tadoba national park safari booking one must choose the date, place, duration, difficulty level and capacity (no. of persons). The Tadoba safari booking rates depends on the no. of persons that is the cost per person is Rs.18900. Group Discounts are provided for the booking of 4 or more travellers that is Rs.1000 per person.

Some things to be noted before coming here:

  1. Since tiger sighting is a rare and lucky experience it’s better to enjoy the forest with other mammals and birds.
  2. In case of last minute changes made in fee structure by forest department the pricing might increase or decrease.
  3. Batch Size is 8-12 travellers.

2) Dayara Bugyal Trekking

dayara bugyal trek blog

Trekking is one of the most popular adventure activities out there taken by many travellers. The most prominent reasons for people taking up the trekking expeditions at dayara bugyal is to glance at the picturesque views of the splendid mountain peaks enveloped by beautiful meadows, the memories of which remain in the heart and creates an everlasting impact on the personality and life afterwards. The duration of this dayara bugyal trek is 5 days which includes travelling through dense cover of forests, open lands, glaciers, Banderpunch range,Gangotri etc. Summer is the best time to undertake trekking here because of the fullness of the natural beauty at this period. For the skiing enthusiasts, during the winters the trek is best for skiing enthusiasts as it is all covered by the snow, thereby being one of the best skiing destinations in the country.

A small village named Brasu situated on the road that connects Uttarkashi and Gangotri is the starting point of this trek. Even if the travellers who are undertaking trekking for the first time need not worry about the high latitude as it’s still a moderate level in terms of difficulty range. There is a constant change in the terrain which ensures the trekkers a spectrum of views which makes them feel asthey are exploring diverse regions. The trail is well mapped and marked but still, there are certain places which appears to be tiring and a little challenging. Due to this the participants are advised to come with full physical and mental strength for trekking in advance.

The place is apt for those bunches of trekkers who are looking for a break from their monotonous life. Due to it’s high altitudes the trail provides every kind of thrill and adventure to the people out there. Also the beauty of the region in and around Gharwal and Himalayan ranges can be enjoyed freely. The simple and pure life of the local people here is another area to be explored on. For all the nature lovers out there this plac makes up with adequate amount of thrill, excitement and adventure, making the trek a memorable one.

Budget :

Plan 1- Rs.7900 per person which does not include transportation.

Plan 2 – With transportation from Haridwar to Haridwar, Rs.9800  per person.

Plan 3 – Early Bird Trek Cost is Rs.7500 per person.

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3) Trekking In Valley Of Flowers


The Valley of flowers is the most popular and beautiful valley in the himalayas which is a home to a variety of flora and plant varieties. Beacuse of this which it earned the position of a UNESCO world heritage site as well as a national park. The place is a home to some of the most unheard of and remarkable places of the world which makes it a mystical and blissful land. what has enticed adventurers and explorers to head off in their search for these places is that they’ll have a story connected to them and has enticed adventurers and explorers to head off in their search for centuries even though they’re in remote locations.

Himalayan region lies to the north of the country which is a home to many such beautiful gorges, natural landscapes and valleys.This enhances the beauty of the area and are perfect peaceful places to be explored. The ‘valley of flowers’ is one such drop dead gorgeous place in the Himalayas which is a blooming zone of Mother Nature itself. Valley of flowers trek is done in this mountain region amongst the splendid valleys and gorges. Valley of flowers trekking is such a wonderful activity unlike other monotonous trekking expeditions in plain mountains.

The meadows and vast expanses of endemic alpine flowers are the specific spots for the photographer’s delight. The animal lovers can have a glimpse of the fauna varieties. Snow leopards, the Asian black bear, the blue sheep and brown bear are the major animal species founded here. Nanda Devi National Park is located around the surroundings to the valley and also the trails of the trek which makes it more natural.  The holy Sikh shrine of Hemkunt Sahib is a nearer place which is a respected place of worship and is thronged by thousands of pilgrims each year.

Brief itinerary to explore the place:

Day 1- From Haridwar to Joshimath.

Day 2 – From Joshimath to Govindghat-Pulna and then through trekking to Ghangharia.

Day 3 – From Ghangaria to Valley of Flower and back to Ghangaria.

Day 4 – From Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib and back to Ghangaria.

Day 5 – From Ghangaria to Govindghat and Drive to Joshimath (Badrinath optional).

Day 6 – From Joshimath to Haridwar.

Budget package consists of only one option that is Rs.11025 which is the cost per person for 6 Days ( From Haridwar to back to Haridwar).


4) Triund Trekking

SnowTrek to Triund weekend

Novice trekkers who desires to explore the Himalayas must come to Triund trek as it’s one best options for trekking expeditions. The trails of this trek are wrapped up in the pious beauty of the nature which makes the trekkers feel delighted and to completely forget the tiredness which they experience because of trekking. This trekking also helps in relaxing in order to regain the strength both mentally or physically. One optimistic impact of this trekking expedition is that it establishes one with a positive attitude to the challenges faced in life and also helps in considering the small gifts provided by life. The initiation point for this trekking is The mystic town of McLeodganj which is also known for being the seat of Dalai Lama. Due to this, the place is labeled as the Little Tibet.

The best time for the tourists to come here is round the year, except for a few days in the months of January and February. This is due to the presence of thick snow cover in the Himalayan mountains in this part of the year which makes the peak seperate from the rest of the country. The upper reaches and the Dhauladhar range are extra places for the trekkers, who are have ample amount of time to taste the wonders of the Himalayan region peak. For those who have time limit for the expedition, one day is enough to complete the trek. In general, all the experienced and renowned tour operators provide a 4 day package for the journey. This is an opportunity for the trekkers to enjoy and experience the beauty of the nature in it’s most splendid form.

Triund trekking is one best option and the worthiest experiences to be enjoyed for all those who are looking to take a break from their professional life. Himalayan mountains grandeur as well as appeal is such that it leaves an imprint in ones life by leaving a lasting impression on both heart and soul. The diverse views the peak provides when looked from different regions adds more charm to this journey by making it more magical. The main destinations Covered during this trek are Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, Dharamkot. Budget for this journey is Rs.5500 which is the cost per person (Excluding the region Mcleodganj). Trek Duration consists of 4 Days and 3 Nights.

 Paragliding Because Some Birds Are Not Meant To Be Caged

5) Paragliding Bir Billing 


bir billing paragliding

Paragliding is a rare activity in India for many years but with paragliding bir billing more and more people are getting to know about this adventure activity and the interest is automatically increasing. The main reason why paragliding bir has recently gained a lot of popularity among people is allowing them to live their most longing fantasy – FLYING. Bir Billing is a small village located at the upper reaches of the district Kangra which lets one enjoy paragliding in Himachal Pradesh,  camping and trekking. The place is blessed with the best climatic conditions for all the mentioned activities and the apt seasons for bir billing paragliding is from March to Jun and October to December. Bir Billing is visited throughout the year but for paragliding alone these are the best months due to better thermals.

There’s a beautiful tapestry for this locaty which consists of an envelope of lofty mountains and lush green meadows. The beautiful valleys and meadows which forms a part of this destination is another pleasing sightseeing for the paragliders making them much delighted. Camping Bir Billing is another cherishable experience as staying in this serene places provides one with much peace and happiness. Camping in these places creates unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. The nearby peak of Dhauladhar mountain acts as the launching pad for the various aero sports and the various meadows and valleys near this region serves as the best landing site which  brings all kinds of fun, thrill and adventure for the participants.

The place has won accolades for being the most beautiful destination which provided the facility for enjoying different aero sports which makes one’s adrenaline rush. Due to this both professionals as well as novice gliders from across the world visits the place for trying their hand on the power of paragliding and other aerosports. It’s  also famous for hosting the first-ever World Cup of paragliding in the world and has been the host for the paragliding World cup in the month of October in 2015. A  group of operators provides the required facilities as well as services which ensures complete fun while gliding in the sky whether it’s a professional or an amateur.

For 2022 journey to Bir Billing Paragliding advanced  booking is better as that way one won’t be having any unpleasant surprises on the day of their flight. Through this one can easily find a camp which is an equally exciting experience with an endless view of mountains in the morning. Only after considering the weather conditions the operators provide the paragliding services  round the year. The best months for enjoying the fun of aero sports are September to November. So, In case if one is planning a paragliding trip during the off season months, it’ll be better if one gets enough information about the weather conditions. Through this one not only saves themselves from being disappointed after reaching the place and not being able to try their hands on aero sports, but also saves their hard earned money and valuable moments.

Now coming to the cost of the activities, the participants must learn about all information in terms of service, cost and equipment from the tour operators before booking. Also details regarding different facilities such as meals, equipments, accomodation and transportation must also be checked. This is crucial as not to menace the banking books. If one has a clear and correct understanding of the cost and booking details, then one can enjoy this without any tensions.
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