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6 Must Attend Fairs And Festivals Of Rajasthan For November

Rajasthan as such has much to offer to an average visitor, but those, making a trip to the royal state in the month of November, have something more to look forward to. There are several fairs and festivals organized in this month across the state, which add to the fun and excitement of exploring it. Given below are the brief details of 6 such fairs and festivals of Rajasthan organized in the month of November to ensure a great holiday.

  1. Pushkar Balloon And Camel Festival

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This traditional annual festival is organized in the small desert town of Pushkar, which is more famous for being home to the only temple of Lord Brahma. Every year thousands of people descend upon this small town to parade and trade their camels. Another major attraction of the fair, which is held from 28th Oct to 4th Nov, is the three days long International Hot Air Ballon Festival.

  1. Chandra Bagha Fair

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This religious fair of great significance is organized every year in the small town of Jhalawar. The event gets its name from the fact that it is organized on the banks of River Chandra Bagha, where thousands of devotees descend during the fair to take a dip in the holy waters. The event, held in the first week of November, also comprises of various Shoba Yatras and a grand cattle fair.

  1. Bundi Utsav

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The extremely beautiful and picturesque town of Bundi comes live with colours of art and craft, folk music and dance as well as different traditional sports organized as a part of the Bundi Utsav in the month of November. A grand Shoba Yatra forms the major attraction of the festival which is organized annually in the first week of November and also includes cultural exhibitions and traditional competitions.

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  1. Matsya Festival

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The Matsya Festival is a great way to get a glimpse of the traditional values and colourful customs of Rajasthan. The two days long festival is organized in Alwar during the last week of November each year and comprises of colourful processions, cultural exhibitions and folk music and dance programs. In addition, the participants can also enjoy the fun of various traditional sports and art and craft fair.

  1. Rajasthan Kabir Yatra

Rajasthan Kabir Yatra

This travelling music festival, which is organized for 6 days, in the mid of November, covers various destinations in and around Bikaner. It provides a great platform for folk artists and musicians to showcase their talent. It also provides a great opportunity for music lovers to immerse themselves in the magic of not only Rajasthani folk but various other music genres.

  1. Kolayat Fair

Kolayat Fair

This religious event of great significance is organized with much pomp and show and is also popular by the name of “Kapil Muni Fair”. It is organized in the first week of November each year around the banks of Kolayat Lake. Apart from taking a dip in the holy lake waters, the devotees and participants also leave hundreds of oil lamps afloat in the lake from a common point.  Moreover, all the 52 ghats surrounding the lake are decorated with lights and lamps creating a bewitching sight in the evenings.
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