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6 Thrilling Spots For Waterfall Rappelling Around Mumbai And Pune

‘The fast beating heart shouts like a truck horn

As you start descending, adrenaline rush runs down your veins

The continuous gush of water fights against your body

You feel the tremendous power and the roaring sound of the waterfall

Group members and strangers shout alike to cheer you

You suddenly go blank and all you know is to get down

As you reach down, you just can’t reset the urge of shouting!

You just had one of the best experiences of your life!’

That’s waterfall rappelling for you!

Waterfall rappelling is an adventure activity where you descend down a huge rock patch along with the cascading waterfall. You do this with the help of a rope. You are made to wear a harness, and a belay is attached that assures your safety. This latest experience has been discovered at various places around Mumbai. Waterfall rappelling is more difficult than normal rappelling, but gears assure your safety. I have listed down 6 spots which have been tried & tested and is safe & popular among adventure enthusiastic in Mumbai.

PS - This is not a DIY type of activity no matter how adventurous you are. Always do it under the guidance of an expert.

  1. The Popular Waterfall Of Bekare (Bhivpuri)

Waterfall rappelling at Bhekare

While going towards Karaj by train, your eye suddenly catches lush green mountains of Matheran wrapped in mystic fog. As you adore this beauty, you encounter a huge waterfall running between the mountains. This waterfall is called Bekare (It is also known as Bhivpuri waterfall). You will see huge public enjoying Bekare waterfall down as it is quite popular.  Waterfall rappelling at this spot is also quite popular as you see people hanging on a rope between the falls.

Distance from Mumbai - 80 kms

Location- near Matheran

Nearest railway station - Bhivpuri station

Height - 70-75ft

Nearby spots - Matheran hill station

Organizer - 365hops.com, book now – http://www.365hops.com/waterfall-rappelling-at-bhekare-bhivpuri-eid257

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqtxZ2OKpv4

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, A Milky Ocean Flowing Through The Lap Of Nature

  1. Dodhani Waterfall Of Matheran

Waterfall Rappelling At Dodhani

While going for a trek to the sunset point of Matheran from Dodhani village, I always use to see a waterfall. Sitting beneath this waterfall was my favorite activity. Years later, people now do waterfall rappelling at Dodhani. The professional dudes with pumped up chest walk proudly with rappelling rope hanging on their shoulders. Dodhani village is a small hamlet with beautiful rice paddy fields and simple people. The seasonal waterfall of Dodhani gives good experience to beginners and others for rappelling.

Distance from Mumbai –  52 kms

Location- Dodhani village, Panvel Matheran road

Nearest railway station - Panvel station

Height - 90 ft

Nearby spots - trek to Matheran sunset point via Dhodani village

Organizer - 365hops.com, book now –  http://www.365hops.com/dodhani-waterfall-rappelling-at-panvel-eid614

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSy0V-5usEo

  1. The Hidden Waterfall Of Vihigao

Waterfall Rapelling in Vihi

Vihigao waterfall hides between the lush greenery, surrounded by western ghat mountains. This waterfall is broader compared to other waterfalls around Mumbai. The curiosity of this lesser known Waterfall allows you to explore the beautiful hamlet of Vihigao and the places nearby. Crossing River Bridge, beautiful hamlets, lush greenery and simple people, this place is a different world in itself.  A small trek and you are at the start of this huge white sheet of the waterfall. Armed with helmet, gloves and other equipments you rappel down the roaring water. The sheer pleasure in doing this makes you want to do it again and again, just like we use to do with slides in childhood. But unfortunately there is someone else waiting for his/her turn.

Distance from Mumbai - 115 kms

Location- Vihigao village, 13 kms from Kasara

Nearest railway station - Kasara station

Height - 100 ft

Nearby spots - ask someone from chota vaitarna dam/lake. Its few kms away from the waterfall

Organizer - 365hops.com, book now -http://www.365hops.com/vihi-waterfall-rappelling-eid610


  1. The Splendid Waterfalls Of Dudhiware


If someone asks me what can be done at Lonavala apart from the regular sightseeing, I definitely recommend this! You need to do a small trek to reach at the start of Dudhiware falls. A lot of hard work by the technical team is done, for the setup. Before you start rappelling, you can’t resist the urge of getting clicked with the gears you are wearing.  As you rappel down the waterfall, it’s ok if you slip! The gears will protect you. And after all, you rise up like a soldier against the fearless force of the waterfall. It’s also fine if you are a first timer, the experience is worth it!

Distance from Mumbai - approx 90 kms

Location- Lonavala

Nearest railway station - Lonavala station

Height – 120 ft

Nearby spots – Lonavala Hill station

Organizer - 365hops.com, book now – http://www.365hops.com/waterfall-rappelling-at-dudhiware-eid623

  1. The Ancient Waterfall Of Kondana Caves


The ancient Buddhist caves of chaitya’s and vihara’s are not just for visits and knowing its history. In the monsoons, the front of caves gets covered with a curtain of white water. The huge waterfall gets little irritating to cross for cave visitors, so some enthusiastic thought of turning it into an opportunity. And thus, waterfall rappelling at Kondana caves was born.  It’s a waterfall based on the way towards Rajmachi.  Rappelling down from a sheer height of 120 ft is a thrilling experience. Along with waterfall rappelling, there are lots of reasons to visit this place like, trekking nearby through the jungle, bird watching, historic cave exploration, etc.

Distance from Mumbai – 80 kms

Location- Kondana caves, near Lonavala

Nearest railway station - karjat station

Height - 120 ft

Nearby spots - Trek to Rajmachi

Organizer - 365hops.com, book now – http://www.365hops.com/kondana-caves-waterfall-rappelling-eid616

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyIbWhseLM4

  1. The Thrill Of Rappelling On Dukes Nose

One Day 300 Ft Rappelling At Duke Nose

While talking about rappelling, I thought of surprising you by mentioning something different in the last. The Duke’s nose is not exactly a waterfall rappelling spot, infact, there is no water, and you just descend plain. But when it comes to rappelling, I have to mention this. Because, we are not talking about a height of 100 or 150ft. Dukes nose rappelling is done at a thrilling height of 300ft! Yeah, don’t even think of looking down when you are hanging on a rope while getting down!

Distance from Mumbai - 90 kms

Location- Dukes nose, near Lonavala

Nearest railway station - Lonavala station

Height - 300 ft

Nearby spots - Lonavala hill station

Organizer - 365hops.com, book now -http://www.365hops.com/moonlight-rappelling-flying-fox-at-dukes-nose-eid1206

Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXe5pfFhcS4

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