7 Amazing Destinations To Enjoy Night Trek Near Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the few modern Indian cities that is located within a short distance of some of the most amazing natural retreats. This naturally attracts a large number of nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts from both within the city and across the country and the world to enjoy the thrill of exploring these destinations. Trekking is one the most popular adventure activities conducted around the city, especially with the numerous famous treks near Bangalore open for night exploration as well.

Like most other metro cities across the country, the life of people in Bangalore is generally quite hectic and stressful. This has created a great demand for activities that people can indulge in over a short duration of time to feel relaxed and refreshed. In this context, the experience of night trek near Bangalore has emerged as the best option as it offers great thrill along with an opportunity to spend time in the lap of nature. The presence of young IT professionals and students pursuing different undergraduate and postgraduate courses has further enhanced this trend.

As mentioned before, there are several destinations around Bangalore where people can enjoy both day and night time trekking. The 6 most amazing of these destinations for participants keen on undertaking night treks in Bangalore are discussed in brief as follows.

Manchanabele Night Trek

kayaking manchinbele dam trip 12

The small dam of Manchanabele is located at a distance of only 50 km from Bangalore on the banks of Lake Manchanabele. The dam is built across River Arkavathi and is a perfect place to enjoy a short adventurous outing with family and friends. In addition to the pristine beauty of the lake, the Manchanabele dam trip attracts participants thanks to the majesty of Savandurga mountain in the background. The place is open for visitors and adventure enthusiasts all year round, although it might be shut down for a couple of weeks during the rainy season. With its easy difficulty level,  Manchanabele dam trek is an activity suitable for people with diverse or even no trekking experience. The night trekking activity is especially popular as it adds to the thrill of the adventure significantly.

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Kanakpura Nature Camp

Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura

The Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura is famous for providing an extremely enthralling and refreshing experience to the participants. Located at a distance of just 50 km from Bangalore, this adventure camp offers a wide range of activities including night trekking, camping and water sports. Situated on the banks of Lake Hosadoddi, the Kanakapura Nature Camp offers a perfect getaway destination for people seeking an opportunity to relax and unwind. The background of gorgeous mountains skirted by the pristine waters of the lake, add to the beauty and appeal of Nature Camp Kanakapura making it a favorite outing destination for countless visitors.

Kunti Betta Trek

top trekking routes around bangalore

Being surrounded by expansive paddy fields, coconut trees, and sugarcane farms, the Kunti Betta trekking trip offers a real natural treat for aspiring participants. Located at a distance of around 125 kms from Bangalore, in the small town of Pandavpura, the hills are named after Kunti, mother of the five Pandavas, who are believed to have spent time in the area. This fact adds to the appeal of Kunti Betta trek as it provides them a unique opportunity to explore it from a mythological aspect. For people seeking an easy and pocket-friendly adventure activity that does not take them too far away from Bangalore city, night trek at Kunti Betta is definitely one of the best options, even though it is advisable to avoid the trip during monsoon season.

Skandagiri Trekking

sunrise in skandkari bangalore

Skandagiri is an ancient mountain fortress located at a distance of 68 kms from the city of Bangalore and has become an extremely popular trekking destination in the region. In fact, Skandagiri trekking also offers the participants an opportunity to enjoy bird watching and camping in a pristine natural setting. The trek, which commences from the Papagni Temple and Mutt located at the foothills Kalwara village, has a moderate to difficult difficulty level.  The Skandagiri night trek is known for its great thrill and sense of adventure along with a completely relaxing experience thanks to the lush green natural beauty surrounding the trail. The best time to undertake the trek is during the winter months, although tours are available all year round.

Anthargange Night Trek

Anthargange Night trek

The destination is named after the spring that originates from an unknown destination on the hill and then flows through the statue of the bull located in the ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple located at its top. Located only at a distance of 80kms from Bangalore, Anthargange trek is a complete adventure package in itself. The trekking trail is encompassed of huge rocks and passes through thick dense forests located at the base of the hill. The most important highlight of Anthargange night trek and cave exploration is the opportunity to explore the various caves located along the trekking trail. Exploring these famous primeval dark caverns and mysterious volcanic rock formations make the adrenaline rush through the veins of the participants, especially at night.

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Ramnagar Trekking

trek ramanagara

Ramnagar trekking is perhaps one of the most famous adventure activities available near Bangalore. The area was first made famous as the shooting site of the superhit Bollywood movie Shoaly. Since then, the appeal of exploring the rocky terrains of the area, from where one of the most frightening villains of Indian film industry terrorized the audiences, has drawn countless people to participate in Ramanagar Bangalore trekking. The seven majestic hills present in the area offer an amazing opportunity for the participants of trekking in Ramanagara to explore their unique beauty. The destination is located just 55kms on the outskirts of Bangalore and even though the place is open all year round, the best time to enjoy Ramanagara Bangalore trekking is during the winter season. The presence of multiple hills ensures that there are several trekking trails for participants to choose from. This also heps the trekkers to have distinct experience every time they visit the destination for a great trekking adventure.

Cycling In Bangalore

Ramanagara Cycling

In addition to enjoying night trekking at the most popular and amazing destinations in the area, adventure enthusiasts can also take part in cycling in Bangalore. The city and its surroundings offer a perfect setting to enjoy the activity that helps in making the participants feel truly refreshed and relaxed. Bestowed with great natural beauty these cycling trails offer a similar thrill and excitement as the more popular adventure of trekking. However, what makes cycling unique is that it can be carried out individually and with a group of friends as well. The growing popularity of this activity has ensured that there are several cycling events in Bangalore from which aspiring participants can choose one that suits their interests.
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