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7 Must Visit Destinations For Bird Watchers To Enjoy Their Favorite Activity

Bird watching, or birding as many people call it, is an activity enjoyed by countless people across the globe. Over the past couple of years, the activity has started gaining much popularity in India as well. Consequently there has been a steady increase in the number of people choosing this activity to take a break from their regular lives and spend some time in the vicinity of nature. Observing the different varieties of these winged creatures and listening to their unique songs is an entirely different experience.

Bird watching

Watching birds in their natural habitat requires the participants to exercise great patience and have a deep respect of their surroundings. Most birds are shy in presence of humans and tend to fly as far away from them as possible. As such bird watchers need to make sure that they create minimal disturbance while observing these flying creatures. While some birds are easy to detect and observe with the naked eyes, others require the observers to follow a specific routine to enjoy their various activities from close quarters.

Some bird watchers even like to study their various activities and behavioral patterns of the avian fauna. This helps them to uniquely identify the different types of birds through their distinct calls, manner of flight or other such aspects. Most such observers collect this information only for fun and recreation. Some observers even maintain a list of the various species of birds they have seen and are even willing to take up any opportunity that enables them to observe newer species of birds.

Top 10 places in India for Birdwatching

In India, some regions of Gujarat and North Eastern states are more famous as the bird watching destinations. In addition, there are several wildlife sanctuaries and natural parks across the country, where birding enthusiasts can enjoy the activity. Given below are the details of the seven bird watching destinations in India that every bird lover must visit.

  1. Old Goa Churches Bird Watching

Old Goa Churches Bird Watching

The Old Goa Churches located in the northern region of Goa offer a great opportunity for bird lovers to enjoy the sight of different types of birds in huge numbers. The observers take a boat to cruise along the back waters of the region and enjoy the views of the White Collared kingfisher, a bird that is found only in this area of Goa. The participants can also watch the majestic Osprey lazing on their preferred perches and the White bellied sea eagles whose nests present a captivating sight. In addition, the boat trip offers the participants an opportunity to watch the mugger and mash crocodile that are found in these backwaters.

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  1. Sattal Bird Photography Tour

Bird Photography Tour

Sattal, which is a cluster of seven interconnected lakes, proves to be a haven for bird watchers. Every year numeroud bird lovers come to this remote region in the Kumaon district of Himachal Pradesh to view a wide range of both resident and migratory birds of the Himalayas. The lush green forests of the region provide a perfect habitat for several mesmerizing bird species including Blabbers, Tits, Rufous-bellied Niltava, Blue throated Barbet, Pink browed Rosefinch and numerous other types of the avian fauna. The day long hikes in the region offer ample opportunities for the birding enthusiasts to capture their favorite avian through the lenses of their cameras.

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  1. 2 Day Birdwatching Tour In Bhigwan

Birdwatching Tour

The small dusty town of Bhigwan located on the Pune-Sholapur Highway in Maharashtra, boasts of a shallow waste water reserve formed by the Ujni dam on River Bhima. The area attracts several migratory birds especially in the month of March, when countless bird lovers descend on the town to enjoy their sight. The reserve is flocked by several species of ducks, Ergets, Waders, Raptors and Herons among others in large numbers. The vivid colors and the amazing calls and songs of these winged creatures add to the unique natural beauty of the surroundings and make it come alive with avian fun and activity.

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  1. Jamnagar Bird Photography Tour

Jamnagar Bird Photography Tour

Jamnagar is one of the oldest and most famous bird watching destinations in India. The destination boasts of several locations where bird lovers can enjoy the fun of watching the avian creatures in their natural habitats. The region is also known for providing the birding enthusiasts with numerous opportunities to click amazing pictures of the birds in a colorful background. Some of the bird species that can be found at this destination include Lesser Flamingos, Pelicans, Storks, Gulls, Geese and other rare species such as Ruddy turnstone, Indian Skimmer, Eurasian Oystercatcher etc. The sheer number and variety of the birds that the observers can catch sight of leave them excited and euphoric.

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  1. Thakkekad Birding Expedition

Thakkekad Birding Expedition

Home to the famous Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Thakkekad is one of the most popular hotspots to enjoy bird watching in India. Located in the naturally diverse region of Western Ghats, the destination offers unique experience of offering some of the most colorful and rare species of birds. The area is home to a variety of both residential and migratory bird species such as Malabar Trogon, Dollar Birds, Piculets, Nightjars, Imperial Mountain pegions, Nilgiri Tahrs and many more. The rich ecosystem of the region offers a great opportunity for birding lovers to not only enjoy their favorite activity but also learn about their diverse behaviors.

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  1. Bird Watching At Bharatpur

Bird Watching At Bharatpur

When it comes to enjoying the sights of the avian fauna in India, Bharatpur is perhaps the first name that comes to the mind of birding enthusiasts. With over 350 species of residential and migratory birds, the destination offers an enriching experience to people who love to observe these winged creatures in a calm natural environment. The destination is one of the best bird watching sites across the globe and has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The vast varieties of bird species that can be found here include Rain Qual, Yellow Crowned Woodpecker, Indian Peafowl, Common Pochard, Indian Grey Hornbill and Bar Headed Goose etc.

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  1. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Located in the island town of Srirangapatna, amidst the gushing waters of River Cauvery, Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary is the home to countless species of these flying creatures. With over 175 bird species found in its environments, the place is rightly known as the Pakshi Kashi of Karnataka. The best time to enjoy the site of the various avian species in this sanctuary is during the post monsoon months of October to March, when the natural beauty of the region is at its peak. Amongst the various species of birds found in the region, Partridges, Spoon Bills, White Ibises, Herons and Painted Strokes are the most common.

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