Athens Woman Overcomes Skydiving Fear For Charity

Fear is an emotion that holds one back from trying different things. And it was the same for Tania Yelton, a 40 year Athen woman. Handling a physical challenge, today she is a trainer at Orange Theory Fitness in Athens.

She declined the offer to jump out of an airplane earlier this year because of her immense fear of heights. But her friends Laura Whitaker and Susan Dooley, kept asking her for the skydive for a fundraising event devoted to special people.

The  event is a skydiving event that takes place in Monroe. Every year the ESP chooses a group of celebrity jumpers who would collect the donation.

Yelton said,“I work in a field where I work with able-bodied people all day long. When I researched ESP it kind of hit me. I have three very healthy children and I had not realized how many of my members had children who were handicapped or had special needs and were using ESP.”

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The fact that she was turning 40 years old was motivating enough for her to take this step. She emailed them, so she had no option of backing out as she was already on the record. And then was the day of the ‘Big Jump’

Talking about her experience, she said that she didn’t shut her eyes even once while diving out of her plane. Explaining the reason she said,  “ I wanted to be in that moment. It was one of those things that are once in a lifetime for me and I didn’t want to miss it.”

She said that It’s not the feeling of falling that everybody assumes. It’s almost like weightlessness.

And the anxiety kicks in only when the partner pulls the ripcord. She expressed, “That was the only time a sort of fear came over me because you’re being pulled back and you’re like, ‘Oh parachute, please work.”

With slightly over $3,000 in donations, Yelton was the top fundraiser of the Big Jump. And as an entire event, Big Jump raised approximately $110,000 for ESP and its programs.

Source: Online Athens


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