Skandagiri Bangalore

Bangalore The Best City To Explore The Beauty Of Nature

Located in the lap of nature, the city of Bangalore is gifted with various trekking destinations that travelers can take advantage of during the weekends and short holidays from stressful lives. Known to be one of the most enchanting monoliths in India, in fact Asia, Manchinbele dam is known for the beauty it captivates tourists from various locations not just Bangalore.People love to take this trip because it is a destination that can give you bliss in a single day. Trekking in that area has been an adventure everyone wants to take.

Trekkers love this place and like to visit every time there is an off from work. The trek is not beyond 4.5 kilometers and can still bestow one with information flooded about the conservation of nature. When you come back from the trek, you will be a changed person and give you a different taste of life. Want to taste it now without missing the experience? You need to take the dive.

Skandagiri Trekking

Manchinebele and Skandagiri trekking are two most adventurous trips to the outskirts of Bangalore. The first trip will give you the feel of being surrounded by Nature in every step. There is an ancient temple and mostly the remains behind the dam that can be explore while you are on this adventure. The rocky hill surrounding the dam will add to the beauty of the place and make the most of your short vacation.

The location is approximately 36 kilometers away from the main city of Bangalore. If you take the route through the Red Banyan Tree, the distance is only 8 kilometers. Once you reach there, the breathtaking experience will make it extremely mesmerizing. You can’t believe there exist a place like this, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city. The place looks more abandoned than organized. The rustic and rugged feel will be enough to ask you to go back once again.

Adventure Trekking Around Bangalore – A Great Option For People Seeking Some Thrill And Fun

Manchanabele Dam Trip

Skandagiri is famous for night trekking more than day. With a night full of adventure, you pass through the mountain ranges and experience serenity. From the city, the place is at a distance of 80 kilometers. If you are planning for a drive, the time that would be needed is two hours by road. That is a decent timing to reach your destination.

Initially, the climb is pretty easy or average for the trekkers. Furthermore, when you trek, the climb gets difficult and many get exhausted. If you are one who loves difficulty while trekking and enjoy the Nature at the same time, this trek is ideal for you. Bonfire is a way to keep you relaxed and calm when you are exhausted and the spine chilling weather attacks you. It gets quite cozy up there and you just love the moment spent at the hill top.

Skandagiri Trek

Things That You Should Carry On This Trek

Whenever, we go on trekking, we forget that there are many situations that you might face and you might have to compromise on your comfort zone. ON the contrary, if you carry these necessities, you might have something sorted for you.

  • A backpack is a must because this will have all your belongings safe and secure even if the weather takes a turn and you might have to tackle rain
  • You should carry a raincoat to protect yourself from getting drenched and falling sick. After all, you want to come home healthy and gay and not sick
  • A warm sweater or cardigan will be beneficial if the temperature drops suddenly. It is always better to plan
  • You are on a vacation for trekking and not carrying runners shoes may be the biggest mistake. This should be the first thing you carry while packing
  • As the trekking happens at night, it is advisable to carry a torch for better view of the sight and you never know when might feel the need of it

With these things in mind, one is all set to explore the jungles and hills of the Bangalore gems. You will not find places better than them that take lesser time and gives you immense joy at the end of it. Let the excitement begin by booking your trip right away!
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