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Can You Think Of Cycling Around The World In Just $3 Per Day?

What is the thought of the youth at the tender age of 24 years? Well, it is always to get a good job and settle down in life. But there are certain people who always stand apart from the crowd. Meet Ben Page, a resident of the UK, who graduated in 2014 and the first thing he did was to get on the bike. It was then, that he began his cycling trip and made a decision to cycle the world on a budget of just $3 per day. He took this 3 year trip to cycle around the world and is currently in the 2nd year of paddling the world. The trip has its own set of fears, struggles and doubts. Let’s have a look at the hardships and joys faced by Ben during this incredible journey. Read further:

Taking a breather

© Ben Page

Current Location

Presently, Ben is in Istanbul, Turkey after paddling the cycle for nearly 6 months across the Asian continent from Beijing. With this, he has ended the third continent. He started his cycling journey 2 years back from a place located in South America, Tierra del Fuego. He has travelled more than 30,000 kilometres. He will now head to Cape Town located in South Africa and thus, will begin cycling through the Africa and Europe, to reach his home in the UK.

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The noble steed

The noble steed© Ben Page

On Taking Such An Epic Assignment

Each one of you must be eager to know why Ben took such a tedious challenge at such a tender age. It was his inherent desire to go and see the world and spend some years just taking the glimpse of the world. Cycling was his first love and coupled with the charm of camping and visiting different places in the backpacking mode, he decided to cycle around the world.

Taking in the views

Taking in the views© Ben Page

Gears He Took For The Trip

His bike is made by himself from the old mountain bike parts. He managed to crack a good deal from the local bike shop. The bike was quite unsuitable for the trip, but he kept going. He managed nearly 10 months on that bike struggling through the steep mountains and then the sandy deserts. Afterwards, he got a sponsored bike from a small company situated in Alaska named Fatback Bikes. He travelled through the Asia and Canada on that fat bike that does not have a motor. The absence of the motor in the bike is something which excited the natives of the countries which Ben visited.

The Frozen Road

The Frozen Road© Ben Page

About The Adventure

The adventures, big or small, give a hard time to the person who undertakes the challenge. But, the good times always outweighs the difficult times. His trip in the Canadian Arctic during the winters was a trip full of difficulties. The soaring highs gave frozen hands and feet. There were instances where he felt the most vulnerable human on this Earth, but he kept challenging himself to overcome the worse scenario. With such adventures, he could see where his body and mind can go in the tough situations.

Best sunset ever?

Best sunset ever?© Ben Page

The First Time He Felt Good

After covering North, he flew to Asia and three of his friends joined him and then they cycled together to Beijing for a good three months. They passed through Mongolia and other parts of the Central Asia. He captured some good memories while cycling with his friends in the Far North. With his 2 years experience in paddling through the world, he has witnessed everything from rich to poor, from dangerous to safe, from negative to positive in different cultures and in different places. Fun Cycling Around Mumbai Appreciate Its Unique Beauty

An uphill slog...

An uphill slog…© Ben Page

Food And Drink

Cash is a constraint he has been facing all these years. He is sticking to $3 per day budget, which he has financed out of his student loan which he took during his studies days and the savings he managed from the different part time jobs he took. With $3, he managed to get a proportionate amount of rice and porridge or a small meal in any local food outlet. However, the quality of food still remains a big question.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights© Ben Page

His Learnings From The Trip

This cycling trip has given him the confidence to undertake things which he thought were beyond his purview. By dealing with the tough situations, you get an understanding of your problem-solving capacity and you know you are ready to deal even with harder situations. This trip has made him stop, think and reflect.
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