Trekking Place Near Bangalore

Bangalore Sacred With Plenty Of Trekking And Adventure Destinations Close To Town

Trekking has become the most favourite weekend activity for Bangaloreans. Luckily, Bangalore is also blessed with plenty of trekking and adventure locations in a closeness to the town. With substantial young population from the technology industry, Bangalore trekking places are often populated with a large number of adventure enthusiasts trying to catch a sun rising […]

Travel in India

Spectacular Places To Trip in India That Will Take Your Breath Away

A group of people hikes through the lush greenery of Ghats, A waterfall elegantly cascades among the thousand others of the south, A thirst for adventure is quenched by adventure junkies at north, A tribe of explorers discover the true beauty of north east, And somewhere in the country a spectator witness a culture getting […]


Exploring Rural India – A Glimpse of “Real India”

Ever  felt  bottled  up  by  the chaos  around  you?  Ever  wanted  to  escape? Ever  felt  the  need  of  an  oblivious  break  or  a  lively  adventure? If   you  did,  and  I’m  sure  you  must  have,  look  no  further,  because  India’s  rural  picture  would  leave  you  never  wanting  to  turn  the  page. Unique  in  the  deepest  sense  […]