Enjoy Summer Holidays With Family: Add These Places In Your Bucket List

Spring out of the water, jump to the beautiful corals, feed the crocodiles or travel above the clouds. Escape from the humdrum of life and satiate the adrenaline junkie in you this year with intrepid adventure vacations.

Domestic Summer Destinations

Everyone is looking for a long summer Holidays, away from the burning high temperatures and hustle-bustle of the inland-city life. With the mercury rising to unprecedented heights in India, everyone will be looking for places to visit in summer in India. From the Blue Mountains and the Andaman Isles in the south to the lofty peaks in the Himalayas, and from the European Ghats to the eastern extents of the Himalayas in the north eastern states; Indian has a lot of options to help you relax out.

So, here’s the ultimate record of expertise vacations in Indian. Where are you escaping this year?

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Were you interested in Hrithik Roshan’s super cool action sequence in the movie Bang Bang where he springs out of the water? The challenging adventure-Flyboarding is one of the best inventions in the league of water sports. With practice you could perform diving, spinning, flying underwater, black flipping, precision flying, twisting and dolphin swimming. These are the main adventure activities for this summer.



Experience the vast areas of Thar Desert, amazing sunset and the relish the traditional desert safari on camels in the dunes of Jaisalmer. Take your adventure to another level as you drive your SUV on the moving surface of the dunes. For perfect dune bashing visit Sam Village, 42 Kms from Jaisalmer, a picturesque destination with stretches of the free-flowing sand.

  • Feed the Crocodiles in Mahabalipuram

Crocodiles in Mahabalipuram

Go close to the cold-blooded reptiles in their natural habitats and feed them. Surprised? Well, yes this sure is possible! Go to Crocodile bank in Mahabalipuram at the crocodile breeding farm for an adventurous experience with the wild species. There is a Snake Breeding Center close by; you can visit there to see some of the most venomous snake species in India.

International Summer Destinations

As the mercury rises, so does the enticement to pack those bags and take off for cooler climes. With hill-stations in India packed to the brim, this is just the time to take that international trip you’ve always been vying for. Here are top destinations where you can have lots of fun under the summer sun.

  • Sea Windsurfing in Phuket


Sea Windsurfing is an activity for people across all age groups. Discover this fun-filled activity during your stay in Phuket. Phan Nga Bay lies between the southern Thailand’s mainland and Phuket Isle. Paddle through sea caverns inside Phang Nga Bay and get ready to discover the wonderful views of the various islands. Kayak to less visited parts of the area and observe amazing sea caves and secret lagoons. Visit the small islands in this popular wonderful scenery of aqua blue rich waters and limestone karst. While single experience is an amazing feeling, being adventurous with family is an outstanding experience altogether.

How About, Becoming A Rafting Guide In The United States?

  • F1 in Singapore



For those who desire that electrifying rush of adrenaline, get ready to treat high-speed adventure. One of the most enjoyable outdoor activities to do in Singapore is to live the life of an F1 racing. Rev up the engine and release the power of fancy, sports cars, like Ferrari or Lamborghini, on the Singapore’s Formula One circuit. Get behind the rim of a real ex-F1 car and exist like the racers and enjoy a few hair-raising laps.

  • Caving Adventure in New Zealand



New Zealand could well be the adventure capital of the World and the ideal place for every adrenal in fix. For domestic and international tourists Waitomo Caves in the Northern Island of New Zealand is best and is a must visited place in everyone’s bucket list. Under the green mountains of Waitomo lies a labyrinth of caves, sinkholes and subterranean waterways. Begin on an exploration exercise with activities that will challenge your spirit of adventure in the true sense. Enter the underground and combine the best elements of backwater rafting with climbing, swimming and tubing. You could also travel around for activities like abseil and haggas honking holes and satisfy your craving for adventure.

These locations will leave you spoilt for choice in terms of expertise, enjoyment, pleasure and more. Where do you want your summer holiday to unfold?

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