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Enjoy The True Thrill Of Night Trekking Near Bangalore At These Six Must Visit Destinations

Day trekking is an ample source of fun and thrill for most people who love more than a bit of adventure in their life. However, night trekking takes the level of thrill and adventure even further, making it the preferred choice of overzealous adventure enthusiasts. For such individuals seeking opportunities for trekking in Bangalore, the region offers a great choice of destinations. In fact, over the past several years, Bangalore and its surrounding areas have emerged as the adventure destination hub of South India. Even amidst such a wide choice of options, the following six destinations have become renowned for offering the true thrill of day as well as night trekking near Bangalore.

Kanakpura Nature Camp

Kanakapura Camp

The pristine banks of Lake Hosadoddi are home to the extremely popular nature adventure camp in Kanakpura, where adventure enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of thrilling activities. The site has been attracting countless individuals seeking an exciting getaway near Bangalore. The visitors get to enjoy the thrill of night trekking in the nearby Bananthimari hills, besides taking part in activities like zip line, kayaking and paddle boating etc. An overnight package to Kanakpura nature camp is just the perfect way to enjoy a completely thrilling and fun filled the adventure getaway for the participants.

Enjoy The Fun Of Ultimate Adventure And Thrill With These Four Amazing Trip Options

Kunti Betta Night Trek

kunti betta trekking

Kunti Betta night trek is one of the most popular and thrilling adventure activity to be enjoyed near Bangalore. The trek takes the participants to the top of two rocky hills standing tall in the town of Pandavapura. The dense vegetation, the slightly difficult terrain, and the awe-inspiring views of the night sky as well as the town of Pandavapura, all form a part of Kunti Betta night trekking. Topping it all is the unforgettable experience of the sun rising and spreading its golden glow on the fields of sugarcane and paddy and coconut trees that surround the base of the hills.

Skandagiri Night Trekking

sunrise Skandagiri trek

Trekking up to the mountain fortress of Skandagiri is both tiring and rewarding as the participants get to enjoy a spectacular journey surrounded by wilderness. Renowned for its rugged terrain, the trail of Skandagiri trek offers a unique thrill as the participants need to master the art of tricky footwork along while also taking in the immense natural beauty that surrounds them. The serene and sublime environment keeps the trekkers motivated. However, the biggest surprise of Skandagiri night trekking comes in the form of the amazing view of the sun rise that the trekkers get to enjoy in the morning from the top of the hill.

Anthargange Night Trekking

anthargange trek and rappelling 2

In addition to being a major trekking destination, Anthargange also holds great religious reverence amongst the followers of Hinduism. Apart from featuring broken rocks and a tricky path, the volcanic rock formation at the cave site form a major highlight of the Anthargange trek and caving. The Like most other night trekking expeditions, the participants also get to enjoy a mesmerizing view of the sunrise in the early morning. All these aspects combine to make Anthargange night trekking a truly relaxing and refreshing adventure option near Bangalore.

Ramanagara Day Trek


Even though Ramanagara initially gained fame as the site where the superhit movie Sholay was shot, today it has earned greater popularity as an exciting trekking destination. The destination located just on the outskirts of Bangalore city is quite famous for its barren rocky terrain comprising mostly of huge granite boulders. The thrill of undertaking a Ramanagara trek at night is destination does not feature too dense vegetation which makes for a startling sight of the surroundings. The campfire in the wee hours of the morning and the experience of viewing the clear starlit sky is truly mesmerizing for most metro city dwellers.

Manchinbele Dam Trip Near Bangalore


Manchanabele is another popular trekking destination located just on the outskirts of the IT city of Bangalore. The adventure enthusiasts arriving here can enjoy the fun of night trekking as well as camping along with a wide range of water activities, amidst the most beautiful natural settings. Given that the activities being offered are categorized to be of easy difficulty level, the Manchinbele dam night trek attracts people of all age groups and experience levels. The sight has also become a favourite choice for people seeking to send some fun time with family and friends.

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