Nag Tibba Trek

Explore unique adventures in India at an affordable cost

India has lots to offer. There are many adventurous activities that you can enjoy, like trekking, safaris, rafting, camping, and much more. Here are some of the recommended activities which you should take advantage of.

1) River rafting Rishikesh


If you are an adventure buff and need another adrenaline experience, then river rafting Rishikesh should be on your list. The routes of rafting are loaded with various scenic adobes. While rafting Rishikesh, you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes of mountains and greenery. While rafting, you can also enjoy body surfing and cliff jumping. There are three rafting routes, i.e., 9 KM, 16 KM, and 25 KM. all routes have different experiences and thrills to offer, due to which the cost of all three rafting routes varies. The best season to do rafting is post-monsoon or early summer. And these are the peak time for visitors, make sure to do the pre-booking so that you do not have to face any challenges.

2) Nag Tibba trek

Nag Tibba Trek

The Nag tibba trek is a must for all trek enthusiasts, especially for those who are planning a visit to Mussoorie and Dehradun. The Serpent peak is the highest peak of the Garhwal in Nag Tibba and has amazing things to offer. Especially for beginners, the trek is considered the best trek in Uttarakhand. The winter trek challenges the myth that the longer and harder the trek, the better the view and experience. The view of Bandarpoonch on one side and Spiti on the other are enough to explain that heaven really exists. From the two possible routes to Nag tibba, i.e., Patwari village and Auntar village, you can take any as both the routes meet at the Nag mandir and converge on the way. The trek starts with a slight incline and gets steeper in parts. You can also visit the ancient temple, which offers breathtaking vistas of deep valleys and green meadows. Along with mesmerizing vistas of Garhwal, you can also see the huge range of flora and fauna. You can contact travel agencies to book the trek at an affordable cost.

3) Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass trek is a beautiful trek that spreads across the arid and barren landscapes of Chandra valley in Lahaul to the lush green valleys of Kullu Manali. The trek offers the amalgamation of amazing culture and landscapes, which offers a unique experience in itself. The trek entwines along hanging glaciers, cascading waterfalls, gushing streams, grasslands, rocky paths, and mesmerizing crescent-shaped emerald lake, i.e., Chandratal. While trekking, witness the confluence of three passes, i.e., Spiti, Rohtang Pass, and Hampta Pass, which offers a wonderful experience and a close encounter with the Buddhist lifestyle and culture in the remote villages of the Himalayas. The cost of the trek is not high, and anyone can enjoy trekking Hampta Pass.

4) Tadoba national park

Tadoba Tiger Wildlife Safari

Reckoned among the best and the largest Tiger reserve in India, Tadoba national park is the pride of the nation’s wildlife. The national park is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. The national park is no less than Nirvana for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The interesting variety of flora and fauna and the green beauty of the jungle attract tourists. With Tadoba safari booking, you will see tigers and enjoy watching other wild animals like wild boar, nilgai, hyena, sambar, chinkara, barking deer, spotted deer, bison, wolf, and many others. The Tadoba national park safari booking is famous for spotting the ‘Royal Bengal Tiger.’ Along with it, the green jungle is also famous for photography activities and bird–watching. Every nature and wildlife enthusiast must visit the destination for a spectator of the rich wildlife in the arena of the enthralling panorama.

Wrap Up

These are some of the amazing adventurous spots in India that you must not miss. All the places are ready to welcome tourists to offer a unique experience. It would be best if you visited these places to get a wonderful taste of life.
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