Paragliding in Bir Billing

Fun spot for camping and paragliding in India – Bir Billing

If you are an adventure seeking person, paragliding is something you have to definitely try, and look no further than Bir Billing to do so. With an amazing climate and breathtaking views, Bir Billing is one of the best paragliding places in India.

Paragliding is done with paragliders, which are lightweight and are launched by foot. The glider has a harness for the paraglider to sit on, and the harness is connected to the glider with baffled cells.

Paragliding in volves jumping from your high heels and to ski in the air. Therefore, the most suitable area is a hill station having a stiff peak, which has a large area for surfing in the air. This makes Bir Billing the perfect place for paragliding.

Soar In The Sky, Paraglide In Ranges Of Bir Billing

Paragliding explained

A paraglider has a canopy or a wing, which is an arc aerodynamically shaped, and is made of nylon which is deigned to fly. The canopy is usually made using polyester ripstop nylon. There are integrated suspension lines attached to the harness seat of the pilot seat from the surface of the canopy.

Before paragliding, the wing is spread open on a slope, usually a mountain slope within a safe and open area. The lines of the paraglider as checked for tangles or defects, and the harness is attached to the canopy.

The pilot then commences a pre flight check, and will start running down the slope. This will cause the canopy to inflate with air and the surface becomes overheads. The pilot skillfully touches the brakes and becomes airborne.

When wind speeds are higher, reverse launch is used to launch the paraglider. The pilot will face the wing to bring it up into a flying position, and then turns around under the wing and starts running to complete the launch.

On air, the glider is controlled by pulling the control lines down. It is pulled down one at a time to turn and both are pulled down together for braking and landing.

In addition to using the control lines as brakes, a paraglider pilot also leans to steer the aircraft properly. This process is also called weight shifting, and can be used for a limited steering without using the breaks.

An inflated wing of a paraglider creates the shape of an aero foil, and the shape of the wing determines the performance in terms of speed of flight ant glide ratio.

To land a paraglider, the pilot skillfully lines up the paraglide for an approach into wind, and before touching down on the ground, the paraglider flares up the wind of the paraglider to reduce both vertical and horizontal speed. During landing, the pilot gently applies 0% brakes to 100% brakes at around two meters from the ground.

At times however, some momentary braking may be applied, at around four meters before touching the ground to use the forward perpendicular momentum to to gain speed for a more efficient flaring to approach and the ground with reduced vertical speed.

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Paragliding in bir billing

If you are searching for paragliding in India, you have to try Bir Billing paragliding. Bir Billing is a small village located 5000 feet above mean sea level, in the State of Himachal Pradesh, Bir Billing is the perfect adventure spot to try paragliding. Along with paragliding, Bir Billing offers other adventure sports including trekking, hand gliding mounta in biking. Those adventurous can also do camping in Bir Billing. Bir Billing Paragliding Open Today for you to enjoy with your friends or family.

Bir Billing Paragliding Booking

You can book paragliding slots online at the comfort of your home at 365shops to avoid long ques and wait times at Bir Billing which will hamper your stay. 365shops brings you the best paragliding in Bir Billing.

Bir Billing Paragliding Weight Limit

The weight limit for paragliding in Bir Billing is twenty to ninety-five kilograms (15-95 kg).

Bir Billing Paragliding Price

365shops offers you competitive Bir Billing paragliding packages. You can find the best packages for your budget and book in advance. Bir Billing paragliding cost per person at 365shops starts at INR 1800. Bir Billing paragliding cost is one of the best in the country, and you can be a part of the skies that hosted the Paragliding World Cup in 2015.

Bir Billing Paragliding Location

Bir Billing is located at an average of 5000 feet above mean sea level. Bir Billing paragliding height in feet Is much higher, as the takeoff site is 8000 feet above sea level, and the landing site stands at 4300 feet above mean sea level.

A thermalis a column of air that is rising, which is formed as the surface of the earth is heated by sunlight. If the air contains has a significant amount of moisture, the water in the air will condense due to the rising air, and form cumulus clouds.

When a paraglider encounters a thermal, the glider flies in circles to be within the thermal, and gains height before flying to the next thermal and so on, until the paraglider reaches the destination. This process is called thermalling. The rate of climb depends on several conditions, but usually, it is in the range of several meters per second.

Bir Billing has the best climatic conditions for paragliding. Bir Billing gets about 6 to 12 metres per second of thermals in the months of May and June. This means that you can get a perfect uplift, and you can fly up to 5000m in a go. During springs, the thermals get to 4 to 8 metres per second. The average thermals at Bir Billing stands at 5 metres per second. Bir Billing has 4000-6000 metres of cloud base, which is ideal for paragliding.

Paragliding At Bir Billing Turns Out To Be Truly Memorable And Fun Filled

Paragliding Bir Billing Season

Bir Billing is a hill station with a moderately cool climate around the year. The best time to visit Bir Billing is in the Summer, between October and June. Winter should be avoided at Bit Billing due to the chilly weather and the temperature which drops down to negatives. Monsoons too are not ideal, as heavy rainfall can lead to landslides in the area.
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