Lonar Crater

Nature’s Spark For The Winter Chills

The cold breeze against your face, a soothing rhythm of the birds or even the silent music of the wind softy ringing through your ears, and a eye pleasing and soul awakening view in the front.

Didn’t this calm your mind the moment you read it? Didn’t it draw a relaxing and jaw dropping pictures in your mind while you read it? Didn’t you sense the breeze against your face in your head while you read it? Didn’t you want to be teleported to such a location the moment you read it?

Well, this is the power of nature. It can surprise us and help us forget every problem  in ways we wouldn’t have even thought of. And this is why, every family, group or a social circle and even individual have the desire to travel are looking out for opportunities to squeeze in time to explore such unsure places. And while time is a restrained for every one of us, winters in India luckily fall with larger than life festivals which give is an opportunity to surrender to the nature. And India being a land of multi culture, its off beat geographic destinations are no less when it comes to serve diverse holiday and travel locations for adventure bugs. And what better way than to soak in nature than in winters?

Lonar Crater Exploration, Maharashtra

Lonar Crater Exploration

If you are someone who barely has time due to work commitments or other reasons, Lonar Lake tourism is an offbeat location to make the most of the weekends or the festive holidays. Dwelled in Buldhana district of Maharashtra, Lonar Crater Exploration is the only hypervelocity crater of the Earth. For getaways, people residing in Maharashtra often drive their way to Lonavala, Matheran and the latest additional Lavasa and Igatpuri. But fewer audience knows the fact that the gem of history, the Lonar Crater resides in their own state. Apart from its glorious historical fact, the exciting part of the Lonar crater lake trek is the vast amidst the center of the nature. The feeling of trekking till the lake, passing through the abundance of nature’s art where a variety of birds make the place colourful is exciting. And to finally make it to the top, witnessing the larger than life lake in its royal blue still surrounded by green trees and open sky is any day better than a road trip to a crowded tourist place and living in a villa.

Winters In The Lap Of Diverse India

Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand 

Jeep Safari in Corbett National Park

Another short term, off beat option for a nature lover is a stay and experience of Jeep safari in Jim Corbett. We all see and fantasize about tree houses situated right in the middle of a jungle, waking up to the sound of various chirping birds and welcomed by the pleasant breeze of the trees around and living a life between the woods even if it is for a while. And while we think of all this, a trip to South Africa is all our mind think of. But not anymore as the Jeep safari in Corbett National Park is a heavenly devour for animal and nature lovers. And not only that, it is the apt trip for someone who is looking for a way to easily unwind and stay away from the chaos of the routine and cities. Apart from the there are several safari rides so at your stay, there is always something to look forward to. Jim Corbett National Park timings are scheduled so planning a full trip is essential to make the most of the popular elephant safari in Corbett. An advanced Jim Corbett Safari booking is always a win win and this can be attained by picking the right tour package so that you relax completely.

This Winter, Rekindle Your Bond Of Friendship With These Five Himalayan Treks In India

Sandakphu Trek

sandakphu trek

Another hotspot for the holidays is West Bengal. But rather than having a lavish stay in the villa of Sudarbans or other tourist places, why not take up a trek to the remote beauty of Bengal though the Sandakphu trek package? Sandakphu trek best time is during the winters. And even in winters, the perfect time to plan is Sandakphu trek in December. Because that is when you get to see the blanket of greenery all around the interiors of the national parks. The Sandakphu trek cost you for the exposure you get in the remotes of Nepal. Yes, you read that right.you get to trek through the lanes where the borders are blurred and hence the best of both the places. Sandakphu trek budget is decent for the duration and the facilities it offers. The Sandakphu tour cost for 6 whole days with complete cultural and an adventurous experience.

Scale To The North

What better way of spending and living the winter than being in the snow peaked mountains and freezing cold in the company? But again, rather than investing your time and money on  regular and typical north India, Kullu Manali Shimla tourism trips why not look at the hidden beauty of the north with a touch of adventure?

 Four Unique Treks That Many Blogs Wont Talk About

Chadar Frozen River Trek

chadar trek budget

If you and your gang are all up for some daredevil adventure rides, then Chadar Frozen River Trek is a trio you should give a thought to. Usually, due to extreme weather conditions, several routes in the north are blocked, which takes away the excitement and planning of witnessing a new village, culture and location,  but Chadar trekking is such that you get to not only live an adventure but also witness the culture. Chadar lake trek is where you walk pass over a frozen river. Yes, you read that right, your surface is actually a river through which you trek. And while it seems a little scary, it goes all fine when you have the right person to guide you through. Chadar trek budget is affordable on pocket as you get complete assistance for 8 long days, so the Chadar trek cost is not something you should worry about if you are served with the best service. Because there are several Chadar trek packages offered, but there are times when the weather gets unpredictable and that is when you need someone experienced to rely on.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

dayara winter

If signing up for such high adventures is not the idea of holidaying but you still want to spend your time in the North of India, Dayara Bugyal winter trek is all about your desires. Dwelled in the lap of Uttarakhand, the Dayara Bugyal trek itinerary is such that you get to experience all of it, the open landscapes, forests, iced mountains, glaciers, rivers and dense lush greenery. And if you are a sucker for skiing, Dayara bugyal trek budget also offers to swinging by the mountain slopes while having the best view to soak in. The advantage of this trek is that it is perfect for beginners in spite of it being at the higher altitude. The Dayara bugyal trek cost your opportunity to see the magical beauty of Gangotri, Himalayan, Bandarpunch ranges,and Garhwal region all in one visit. What else would you want?

Kuari Pass Trek

kuari pass trek budget

Another beauty of north trek is the Kuari Pass Winter trek. The winter Kuari Pass trek has got famous for the right reasons. Himalaya acing the game of being the top mountain region in the world, it is a true delight to live and experience the flourishing diversity of the Alpines trees, and other rich flora and fauna. Being a known trek of the north, let’s get straight to the details. Kuari Pass trek budget is for 10290, which includes your expenses for the basic necessities for 6 days and 5 nights. The Kuari Pass Trek cost for the places it takes you to in the duration of 6 days, that is Joshimath, Tali forest camp, Haridwar and other remote villages.

Chopta Tungnath Trek

chopta snow

If you are a frequent reader of our site, you would have noticed the constant mention of the Tungnath Chandrashila trek. The Chopta trek itinerary has it all, and the best part about this trek is that it does not require one to an expert in trekking. Even a beginner can rope in and make the best of the trek. Through the Chopta trek, scaling of the peak you get to witness the spark of all the summits of Eastern and Western Uttarakhand at one glance. And there is almost so such other place that offers you this. The Chopta trek cost for the surreal experience that it offers. The Tungnath Chandrashila trek cost for 6 days and 5 nights wherein your food, travel, stay and expert charges are all included. It is the bird watching, colourful rhododendrons, forest trails for which the Tungnath trek cost and well, it is all worth it.

Bir Billing Paragliding

This activity and adventure need no introduction. Paragliding in India is garnishing popularity and it is mainly because of the Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh. Flocks of people gather to experience the Paragliding in Bir Billing. The reason why picking up a date in the Bir Billing Paragliding season is that you get to fly high like a bird in the Himalayan sky and see the majestic beauty of Himalayan valleys and meadows blooming at their best right in front of you, in a glance. The location of Bir Billing is such that you get the best of everything for Paragliding. Bir Billing Paragliding cost varies  as per the Bir Billing Paragliding booking. Apart from just the breathtaking adventure, you also get to go for camping at Bir Billing. Another way of living in the mountains and calling it a home for a few days.

Winter Treks Worth Getting Mentioned In Your Bucket List

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