1 Day Paragliding Tour in Kamshet

Paraglide In Kamshet Or Pedal In The Lanes Of Heaven At Mumbai Coast

Just a group next door planning for a different and  happening weekend


Saloni: So, did anyone find a place for the weekend?

Kunal: How about tre (interrupted)

Everyone screams ‘Noooooooo’

Raj: We already trekked twice this monsoon, and I want something refreshing.

Gia: Exactly man, so bored of it. And not to forget we have to head to work on Monday. A big NO for any treks or any cliche places.

Isn’t this the scenario of every midweek when the gang is hunting for something new for the weekend to escape the monotony of the week. But then, in the end, with lack of plans, end up entering the monotony of the similar places. And now that there are barely few days left for the monsoon, the suggestions for the ‘almost’ hyped monsoon treks in and around Mumbai just end up with an ‘eye rolls’ reaction. But with the end of the monsoon means ample options for adventures which are not bothered by the rains. I know, I know, the moment you must have read this, the thought of ‘Come on, for that we need to plan a long trip’ must have popped into the mind. And to burst that myth, head on to know the two unusual, short and the best part, affordable getaways!

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Paraglide in the azure of Kamshet

Paragliding Tour in Kamshe

The city of dreams and its surrounding is beyond a concrete museum. The fast pace of the people living in it often look for a quick fix for the weekend and the Paragliding Tour in Kamshet is an apt escort for refreshment. Located near the Pune district, this one day trip is enough to let one week be pleasant and forget all the blues of their lives. And people who wish to board from Mumbai, just have to hop a local train of the Navi Mumbai. The scenic beauty of the backdrop of the Sahyadri ranges and the Pawna Lake is enough to make one’s heart scream out of joy. Carried out under the supervision of the certified pilots and instructions, the 10 minutes in the air make one be as carefree as a bird. So all one has to do is, pick a date, pack the essentials and reach by the lake, something one would do even on an ordinary weekend. So why not, take an extra mile and live in the sky, even if it’s for a few moments?

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Cycle through the mugical lanes of the Coastal Mumbai


While one must have lived the nightlife of the magical city,  few must have pedalled through its lane, and seldom of them must have actually cycled through the breeze of the coastal way. The power of the Mumbai coast is about being more pleasing when witnessed in the dark. Thus, midnight cycling in Mumbai, through its coastal route is something one must add in their bucket lists. From the start of the Nariman Point, the journey comprises of all the memories of small joys that will help one find themselves. The feeling of riding the cycle and finding the chaiwala’s ride along adds the fuel of energy to the journey. And seeing the plastic bottle collectors doing their work, surprisingly, gives a different perspective of life. And just like these small incidences, the journey ends at the Bandra Bandstand by witnessing the dawn and a changing experience.

Author: Radhika Shah

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