Parasailing In Goa – When I Was In The Middle Of The Two Infinities

“I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it.”

Well! Something to think about but this was not something in my mind when I went Goa. Like everyone else, I always saw Goa as “Party, drink, sleep and repeat”, but that was so not the case. There I was sitting on Candolim beach looking at dozens of colourful parachutes flying in air right in the middle of the two infinities. With the endless ocean beneath and an infinite sky above them, they looked almost magical to me and I told myself, I want to experience this for sure. And so I told my hubby that I want to do parasailing and get my dosage of adrenaline rush in Goa.

Ready To Parasail

There are a lot of dealers who provide parasailing. We found one on the beach and talked to him. There I got to know that apparently January (the time when we went) is the best time of parasailing and so they cannot provide it for longer duration. But determined as I was, I had to do it even if that means for a lesser duration of time and so he agreed to send us next. We sat on a small speed boat to reach the main boat which was connected with the parasail.

Guys, let’s be honest here. I was scared and do you know if you want, they throw you in the ocean while you are tied to the rope of course. They literally drag you along the water and then pull you up a little and dip you into the ocean. Oh yes, head to toe. Scary, right?

The Launch Time

When it was my turn, there was another batch of people getting loaded in the boat and so I had to wait while I was standing on the launch board. That time was when I realised that I have to decide whether I want to get a dip in the ocean or not. Seriously, I wanted to say no. My inner self was shouting no like crazy but I don’t what happened and out of nowhere I said yes. My heart was constantly telling me, “You would not regret this, I promise.”

And then they loosen up my rope and I was flying in the air. With the ocean beneath me and a clear blue sky above me, I was all with myself. It is the time, I realised this is what birds must feel when they fly for the first time. It was amazing, simply a bliss.

My First Ever Rendezvous With The Ocean

Oh yes, the ocean dip. At first when they lowered me down I shouted, “Pull me up.” But too late for that and they dragged me along the waves and it was like I became a part of the ocean for just a few seconds but it was so fulfilling and satisfying and then they dipped me in ocean and for a moment there, I did not want to come out. But, I told myself, you are doing scuba diving tomorrow so get over yourself and live the moment. And there I was, back to the boat and the real world. I love my world of imaginations, after all being a Piscean, my imaginary world is a part of me, but coming back to reality was just not that bad.

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