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Six Quirky Treks Near Bangalore | Post Pandemic

The metaphoric thought of South sat somewhere peacefully at the corner of my mind. But it suddenly jumped off enthusiastically on realizing that this article is going to be about exploring the unique terrain and treks near Bangalore!

It is ironic yet overwhelming to imagine a flourishing Silicon Valley to be surrounded by a fascinating empire of the nature. This stark contrast is a fortunate blessing for the thriving city dwellers that desperately yearn for an escape.

The rise of numerous adventure groups, and discovery of several treks in Bangalore has enabled for diverse options to choose from. And we have curated yet another interesting list of places to chase during weekends for trekking in Bangalore.

  1. Kunti Betta – The adobe of the rocks

trekking bangalore best places

Get yourself immersed in a place that is filled with nothing, but huge boulders scattered all over! The rigid free trail of Kunti Betta trek makes it a smooth experience for even first timers to ascend the twin hill. But that doesn’t necessarily mean to show up unprepared, physically or mentally! To get the best out of this place, Kunti Betta trekking can be done during the hours of the midnight and reach at the top before the dawn. The sense of adventure that it brings along to march during the hours of dusk is unbeatable. All said and done, it is the moment of sunrise witnessed from the top, that is awaited by the most during the whole trek.

  1. Skandagiri Trek – Being On Cloud 9 Literally

sunrise in skandkari bangalore

Skandagiri is special. The most unique part of this trek is to witness the sheer glory of the clouds from above. It constantly moves like the impatient waves of the ocean and crashes against the shore of the Skandagiri hill. It was, in its hay day, a fort used by the mighty Tipu Sultan himself. Now, all that is left is few skeletons of the fort and a temple. Just like Kunti Betta, Skandagiri trek is best experienced during the night. Enjoy the sheer charm of sunrise in its purest form. Interestingly, this trek was banned a few years back for being exploited by the overcrowding visitors. So, make sure to respect its place and people during your visit.

  1. Anthargange Trek – Hiking + Caving

Anthargange trek

Head to Anthargange day trek to get a taste of caving, without loosing its essence of trekking. The trail navigates through huge boulders, paths narrow enough to barely squeeze through, and complete dark patches during the day light. All these features give it an impression of Anthargange caves. The adventure junkies are sure to quench their thirst for adrenaline here. There is a spring and an important temple located near the base of the trek. The spring is believed to have connections with the holy river of Ganges. And there is the Kashi Vishwanath Temple that has earned its nickname, Kashi of the south.

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  1. Kanakapura Nature Camp – Where Leisure Meets Adventure

Kanakapura Camp

What happens when people who prefer leisure, and people who seek adventure are in the same group? They end up at places like Kanakapura adventure camp to get the best of both the worlds! It isn’t a trek, but a nature resort offering a range of activities to indulge in. People from Bangalore flock this adventure camp in Kanakapura, which is just 50 kms away, for a relaxing weekend. There are so many things to keep yourself engaged that it won’t do justice to mention them all and talk about them is just a few words. But to name a few, there is trekking, rappelling, water sports activities, Paint ball, slush games, etc…

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  1. Ramanagara Day Trek – Fascinating Stories

ramanagara trek

Ramanagara trek doesn’t boast much of scenic beauty for me personally. But it still makes it to the list for its numerous credibility’s. If you are a curious soul that enjoys stories, then you must definitely visit this place.

  • It dates back to ancient times when Lord Ram visited this place during his exile.
  • The rugged terrain and huge boulders of this place played host in the legendary movie of Sholay.
  • The temple is said to be 1000 years old!
  • With home to 27 different species of Vultures, this is the only Vulture sanctuary in India.

Insider tip – interact with a temple priest and they will tell you a lot of amazing trivia about this place. Oh, and we never talked about the amazing trekking experience here, did we?

  1. Cycling in Bengaluru – Adventure Inside The City

Ramanagara Cycling

Oh no, we aren’t suggesting to pedal through the deadly traffic of cycling in Bengaluru on bicycles. The birds of cycling enthusiast discretely descend on roads during the midnight when the whole city sleeps. The breeze brushing though the hair while peacefully soaking in the ambiance of the night is liberating.

For those who prefer cycling outside the city, Manachanabele Dam is also an amazing place.

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