Spend The Holidays, Weekendin’ In The Air Of Lonavala

To witness the beauty of the earth blend with the sky from the land is one part of the joy. And living in the sky, watching the landscape of the city just like a bird is a feeling beyond words. But sadly, for a many, this idea often takes a back seat as misconceptions like ‘oh, there is barely any place in India for this’ or ‘it is fun, but it is expensive’ or the most common, ‘we’ll have to travel somewhere far to experience this’ dwell in the mind. But what if this bubble of misconception is burst?

To experience the eyeful joy, one does not need to travel to Turkey or any other foreign land. Yes, you read that right, because Incredible India is a host for many such locations. And not only does it has several places offering this adventure, but also these places are different from each other. This is the best part as there is something for every taste and time. There are over 6 places, each different from the other which lets one the opportunity to (almost) fly in the sky.

Goa, the hub of beaches and clubs has more to its credits. The amalgamation of the vintage south Goa and the modern Goa feels more like a scene from the film when watched from the sky. And if one’s definition of ‘perfect view’ includes the water bodies, the Hot Air Safari in Pushkar is the best. Apart from these, Safari in Jaipur, watching the glorious sun making its way in the pink city is a joy of its own. Not to forget the safari in Manali, where the landscape of the snowy mountains and glaciers look straight out of a painting.

Little Balloon Floating In Lonavala, Next Time Get Yourself A Ride

Amongst this, common, yet unexpected place has been  Lonavala. People from Mumbai and its nearby places are always on the hunt for weekend getaways. But there is at least one frown-faced when one person from the group suggest ‘Lonavala’. That is because everyone from Mumbai and around must have visited it at least once and are used to its view (monsoon being an exception). This is because people are habitual of seeing the mountain ranges with the beautiful sky is. But, the same scene is jaw-dropping the witnessed from the sky. Yes, this is for real! One can actually see a different angle of the Sahyadri mountains, steep valleys, giant rocks and lush green carpets by just booking their adventure for the Hot Air Balloon Safari in Lonavala. All this is possible as the most common hill station Lonalava, hosts Hot Air Balloon Safari ride. It is a sheer pleasure to watch witness the beauty of Maharashtra from a different perspective. Imagine the moment and the butterflies in the stomach as you step in the balloon and it slowly gears up to rise high in the air. And in no time, as you look around you are in the sky. Just like a bird, overseeing the landscape beneath, the wind in the air and the miniature version of the mountains and stunning landscape! This is a memory of a lifetime.

While you are dreaming this, your mind subconsciously must have thought about how such activities are only for the elites and how its a hole in your pocket. But today, gone are those days as such moments can be lived by everyone with different packages provided. And with this, you can book yourself to catch the glimpse of nature’s majesty from spring to summers (October to April). And why only enjoy this during the visit to this place when you can actually make some of your already existing favorite occasions like birthdays, anniversary, a gift to someone more memorable? By celebrating in the middle of the sky, and the view of the city it turns into a more cherishing memory.

High Up And Above, 6 Places For Hot Air Balloon Rides In India

Author:  Radhika Shah
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