experienceParagliding Tour in Kamshet

Spread Your Wings and Fly Far in Kamshet

                                                 “Until you spread your wings, you have no idea how far you’ll fly!”

When I was a baby, I used to love watching birds. I envied them for the fact that they could reach to the far ends of the world and could explore such spectacular things that we could only see in our dreams. But then, I grew up and got to know about paragliding. The feeling of flying in the sky is something of a life-changing experience and when it is done in Kamshet, you have simply no idea what beautiful sights you will witness till the time you would see them with your own eyes.

Located 45 kms from Pune and 110 kms from Mumbai, this beautiful place is set in the backdrop of the Sahyadari Range and valley. One of the favorite place of adrenaline junkies, Kamshet paragliding experience gives you a chance to soar over gorgeous mountains, beautiful valleys, quaint little wooden houses, the Indrayani river and the majestic Pavana Lake.

So now that I have raised your excitement bar, it is time to guide you with everything there is to know about paragliding in Kamshet.

Paragliding Tour in Kamshet

What is Paragliding?

It is an adventure sport (and so is our life (wink)) where you fly paragliders that are free-flying, light-weight, foot-launched glider aircraft with no firm structure. A pilot launches his paraglider from a height and lands on a plain site. The suspension lines controls the shape of the wing and is used to control the direction of the paraglider.  The flight could last for several hours covering hundreds of miles depending upon weather conditions and wind directions.

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Do you need any skills for this?

For the beginning, you need a very important skill that is madness :P After all life is a daring adventure and a little madness does not hurt anybody right? You can fly with a trained professional in which case you would not be needing any prior training. In order to take a solo flight, you need to take up a 3 to 4 days training session. Paragliding in reality is more about skill than strength.

What all gears you need for this?

If you are doing it with a professional, the payment you would do for paragliding would also include all the equipments you would need. The two things you can carry is a lightweight jacket as it could get a bit chilly up there and sunglasses if it is too sunny.

For learning solo paragliding, you could either rent the equipments or buy your own. The gear involved would be a paraglider, flying suit, helmet and shoes.

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The Ideal Time

The best time to paraglide is under a clear sky so October to May is the flying season for Kamshet. The Winter months that is October to February offers dynamic thermic conditions whereas the Summer months that is March to May allows soaring due to dynamic ridge conditions.

The Cost

The average flight cost is somewhat between 1800 – 3000 INR depending on the duration as well as the company you fly with. The cost of renting a video camera is additional and is about 1000 INR.

How to Reach Kamshet?

“Just because my path is different doesn’t mean I’m lost.”

No matter what mode you take, the end result is so beautiful that you would not regret anything in the end. But still you can reach in three ways:

  1. By Air – The nearest airport is Pune which is 55 kms from Kamshet. You can hire private cab from there to reach Kamshet.


  1. By Train – There are suburban trains available from Pune to Kamshet. In case you are coming from Mumbai, you can first come to Lonavala and then board a suburban train to Kamshet.


  1. By Road – You can reach Kamshet by state owned buses as well as private vehicle from both Pune and Mumbai. The place is well connected and offers a beautiful ride :)

Now plan that trip and fly high in the sky

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