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Sri Lanka Leisure Tour Coupled With Jim Corbett Safari India

National parks and wildlife reserves play an important part considering the tourism of the country and how well they are protecting the natural and cultural heritage? There are many countries around the globe which are famous for their sustainable tourism due to their eco-friendly environment while improving the lives of local people with the regular visit to the reserves. Getting close to the wildlife and experiencing the moments which you have never lived, is life changing and if you are wildlife explorer there are many places available in and around India which can change your life forever.

Safari is often referred to a trip to Africa by tourists but in the past, the word safari was known for a trip for abig hunt in the jungle. From years, there are many companies who will make the arrangements for the safari which will include the safety measures and one can enjoy the wildlife by photography, hiking, and also sightseeing of old monuments. There are many people who visit these reserves in numbers and if you are planning for your next visit, here is a list of some places which are famous for the wildlife and jeep safari in or around India.


Jeep Safari in Corbett National Park – Jim Corbett National park is situated at Ramnagar, Uttrakhand which is famous of its jeep safari that will take you through the experience of the lifetime. It is also considered to be the best safari in the country as it will take you through the vicinity of thesub-Himalayan belt with free-roaming exotic wildlife. Normally the safari starts in a group but you can explore the charm of Jim Corbett safari while being alone as you will be out in open. If you are lucky enough, then you might watch the big cats in their natural habitat from an open jeep and it will truly define the richness of wildlife once you will complete the whole journey. There are many private and under government companies that take the responsibility for the whole journey which includes your safari, accommodation, and food. There are two different zones to select from as it starts in the morning and in the afternoon which also depends on the weather conditions and other factors related to the safari. The total duration of the safari is 3 hours that starts from 5:30am in the morning and 1pm in the afternoon.

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Jeep Safari in Corbett National Park

Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett The whole place is full of breathtaking and beautiful views of wild animals, dense jungle which is rich in avariety of flora and fauna. To be a part of this beautiful experience, Jim Corbett also offers the most exclusive type of safari, “The Elephant safari”. While sitting at the back of an elephant you can explore the wildlife living peacefully in their natural habitat and surf through the mysterious tick forest. This is the best way to enjoy your ride to the fullest at the Jim Corbett National reserve. You usually are eight to nine feet high of the ground which can relish the true feeling of being among one of them. As per the recommendation and considering the safety measure for tourists and for the animals, there will be only four people that can sit at the back of the elephant. The total cost of the elephant safari is usually cheaper than that of jeep safari in Jim Corbett and it is always advisable to book your safari in advance. All the elephants for the rides are allotted as first come first serve and the total journey takes about anhour and a half to cover the specialized zones in the national park.

jeepsafari-yala national park

Canter Safari in Jim Corbett – If you are new to the place and looking for experience officials to conduct your whole safari, then canter safari is meant for you as the whole safari is conducted and operated only by the forest officials of Jim Corbett. The safari is conducted in a roof-opened vehicle with a seating capacity of 16 to 18 people at a time and twice in a single day. This is also one of the best options for those who are travelling to the place in a group and also the vehicle assures the maximum security to all the passengers. There is also an age restriction to the vehicle and if you are a minor then you should be accompanied by an adult through the whole journey. The vehicle will move through the historical places of the national park which lasts for almost 5 hours. There are in-total 4 canter safari vehicles available, so it is recommended to make your plans in advance. As the national park is open for a year, the canter safari starts at 5:30am in the morning during thesummer season and half an hour late during winters.

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Best Available Buffer Zones In Jim Corbett National Park

Dhikala Zone Dhikala zone is the largest and most varied zone in the Corbett National Park which offers the best opportunities for the overnight stay at the place. It is located in the core of the dense forest, the Dhikala Forest Lodge is one of the unique forest accommodations in the world. The whole place is surrounded heavily by the wild ambience, staying in this zone is a once in a lifetime kind of experience that nobody wants to miss. Dhikala situated within the periphery of Patli Dun with a breathtaking view of this enchanting valley offers the most varied terrain and hence a diverse range of habitat from a goat-antelope in the highlands to the humongous Mahaseer in the rivers below.The Ramganga River and its streams flow through the middle of this zone enhancing the rustic view of the forest. Equipped with two eateries and a choice of activities, this picturesque scene, quiet environment and soothing chirps are highly refreshing and rejuvenating for the mind.

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Bijrani Zone - These forests range from those of pure Sal in the upper reaches to mixed deciduous forests in the valley along with vast grasslands. Carved out of a once upon a time shooting arena with a wide network of crossing jungle roads, makes it an excellent tiger sighting territory. Home to various kinds of exotic birds and a plethora of floral species, a stay in the core of the Bijrani Forest Zone could be a soul-stirring experience of a lifetime.Although located 9 km from Ram Nagar town, this lonesome forest abode offers beautifully built rest houses with clean and basic amenities along with a variety of tasty vegetarian foods as buffet meals are available at very affordable prices. The day safari is open for wildlife enthusiasts from 15th Oct to 30th June but the night stay is open for tourists only from 15th Nov to 14th June every year due to heavy downpour in the monsoon season.

Durga Devi Zone - Located about 28 kilometres from Ramnagar on the north-eastern boundary of the Corbett National Park, the Durga Devi Zone is one of the most difficult treks of the Jim Corbett Tour. Due to its high elevation and undulating terrain, it provides an excellent opportunity to see wild elephants, leopards as well as tigers. Being a scenic and fairly untouched territory, you can explore it via jeep safari or the much-recommended elephant safari.Besides wildlife, you can have an easy access to the banks of Ramganga River to enjoy fishing and angling of the Mahseer Fish, common in the river waters. This zone is also known for spotting unique bird species like Black Chinned Yuhina, Crested Laughing Thrush, Slaty Blue Flycatcher and Maroon Orile.So in order to make your stay top-notch, you can book a stay at the forest guest house from 1st November to 30th June and document the best for your wildlife adventure story here.

Paarwali Tigress

Jhirna Zone - A densely wooded forest and the grasslands of Chaur with animals like Nilgai, Cheetal, Sambhar and Wild Boar make Jhirna a strong prey base, attracting the big cats and other predators. Resident wild elephants and a growing sloth bear population also offer great sighting opportunities, especially for wildlife shutterbugs.The Jhirna zone has many river channels with warm stream beds and cliff edges making it an excellent spot for bird viewing especially the Great Hornbill which is found in abundance here. The best thing about the Jhirna Zone is that it remains open all year round for day safaris and for night stay from 15th Nov to 15th June if the weather is favourable. Located 20 km from Ramnagar town, the Jhirna Zone is ideal for true wildlife enthusiasts who can stay in the jungle with minimum facilities and enjoy fun-filled and adventurous activities.

There are millions of tourists that visit the Jim Corbett National Park every year and according to most of the visitors, the best time to visit the national park is from March 15 to April 30th. This is the time of the year when one can get the smell of fresh grasslands and to encounter the wildlife including most famous and rare ‘Tigers’.

The Man Behind The Jim Corbett National Park

Sri Lanka  In years, Sri Lanka has grown up as a developing country which is also famous for ecotourism as you can have the best of Africa and Asia on one single island. The place is not only famous for its national parks but also for the cultural heritage as it consists of ancient Buddhist kingdoms which draw thousands of spiritual devotees every year. Sri Lanka is a perfect destination which is just begging to be discovered as one can trek through the emerald tea hills to palm-fringed coastlines which will make you lose yourself in the ancient city ruins. The place is Asia’s ultimate tropical paradise as it consists of endless miles of golden beaches and abundance of natural richness that makes it one of the top tourist destinations.


Sri Lanka Leisure Tour – If you are an adventure freak and have a week’s time to explore thenew place where you have not been before, Leisure tour to Sri Lanka should be on your list. The whole tour lasts for 7 nights and 8 days which will take you through the beautiful beaches of Bentota with rolling green hills of Nuwara Eliya, a memorable visit to Buddhist stupas, and a walk through to the historical monuments in Colombo. The whole country has a long and distinguished history with a foreign influence which has changed the infrastructure but maintained a cultural heritage that gathers millions of tourists every year. As the tour lasts for almost eight days, you will go through different aspects of the place which includes Colombo city tour, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, cultural dance and drum show, Yala National park jeep safari, boat excursion in Madhu river, street food trail on the streets of Bentota, sea turtle conversation, golden beaches, tea gardens, and many more.


Yala National Park Safari  Ruhuna national park is quite famous by the name of Yala national park which has been maintaining the wildlife park in Sri Lanka for more than a century. The reserve covers around 1260 kilometres which are in between Kumbukkan River & Menik River and shares its borders with Yala strict nature reserve, Kumana, Kataragama, and Katagamuwa sanctuaries. Yala National park is famous for its leopard which is considered to be the biggest of the eight known species of leopards. The prince of dusk, Sri Lankan Leopard is known to be “Panthera Pardus Kotiya” is an apex predator which is easy to spot in the national park compared to other sanctuaries. The place is a deep down south part of Sri Lanka which is near to Tissamaharama which is about 22kms away from the National park. The park is open throughout the year but the best time to visit the place is in between June to September in which you can witness almost all the animals present in the National park. Tourists will be in the jeep that will take you through the safari and it normally starts at6am of the morning till 6pm of the same day.
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