Hot air ace conquers Wollongong

The Unlikeliest Balloon Flight Path – Because Everything Seems Impossible Till The Time It’s Done

Jim Goodwin said something beautiful once. He said, “The impossible is often the untried.” And so we came across the story of Clément Seigeot who flew on a hot air balloon over the unlikeliest route ever. A place, where no one ever thought of flying a hot air balloon, Wollongong coastline is an unpredictably windy […]

Hot Air Ballooning In Goa

Hot Air Ballooning In Goa – Upping The Adventure Level Of An Exotic Vacation

Goa is renowned as one of the most exotic holiday destinations in India. While the people visiting the beautiful state mostly take part in various activities that assure great fun and frolic, a large number of visitors also choose to participate in various adventure activities that the place has to offer. One such popular activity […]