1 Christmas-in-Goa

Top 10 Places For Christmas Celebrations In India

1. GOA Source- http://bit.ly/1uMtfmF Goa is a potpourri of beaches, food and celebration. Christmas is celebrated grandly in Goa for most of its population is Catholic. It is no hyperbolism if we call Goa “The celebrations’ capital of the country”. The celebrations include midnight masses and carols’ singing all night long. The churches are all […]

3. rajasthan

Top 15 Road Trips Across India : Take The Journey Of A Lifetime

There are a few things that fall into the category of being more adventurous, spontaneous and fun-filled than road trips. They have long remained a classic western pastime, and we certainly don’t see these popular driving adventures going out of style anytime soon in the orient either. Ever wondered why is it so? It’s because […]