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Take A Plunge Into The Sea Of Adventures

No, the following words are not going to be about any water adventures nor about any daredevil activities. The topic does not restrict to water sports only but takes you through the insightful journey of diving into variety of adventures which will refresh your soul like never before.

River Rafting in Rishikesh

rafting in rishikesh cost

Rishikesh is the land of filled with immense beauty and what makes the visit more worthy is the fact that it is the host to some thrilling adventure activities. River Rafting in Rishikesh is one such experience which has garnered popularity and is truly worth the hype. Rafting in Rishikesh cost you not just for the raft and the service but for the unparalleled experience that it serves. The moment you hope onto the raft, sail by the chilled water of the River Ganga and get into the water with blue open sky and enchanting Himalayan mountains as the backdrop you tend to forget all the chaos of life and sense a different way of bliss. Rishikesh rafting charges you for the expertise, life jackets and rafts to ease in your task and help you only focus on experience.

Exit Comfort Zone In An Adventurous Way

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun Valley

When one has a wild desire to spend some days in the nature’s lap, Har Ki Dun Trek is a paradise journey. Starting the drive from Dehradun to reach Sankri, you are greeted with serene nature of mountains, open sky and pleasing water of  initially along the Yamuna initially which later moves to the still water of the beautiful Tons River. Along with the rivers you also get the view of the pine forest while you reach Sankri. By now, it is the second day of the trek. Once touched down at Sankri, a 6 hour drive to Seema and then you are just 5 hours away from the living and capturing the unreal Har Ki Dun Trek photos. With an entire day dedicated to the peak, you get to witness and live in it’s every charming corner at your own pace. The 7 days trek is at an easy level, so all that the Har ki Dun trek cost is your 7 days voila you witness the best of the nature.

Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek

Himachal Pradesh is a home to some thrilling and challenging route through the peaks. And Rupin Pass Trek is one such adventure which offers an opportunity to witness the enchanting mountains with a dose of adventure. The Rupin Pass Trek itinerary is full of meadows, rivers, snowy mountains, valleys, forests, serving you with a complete buffet of nature in one single menu. The Rupin Pass Trek cost you with your 7 days, courage and a push to your adrenaline rush to witness the changing landscape at every hour.

Cycling in Mumbai


Cycling is said to be one of the best fitness activity. And events of cycling trips in Mumbai surely knows how to make it adventurous. You might have seen the famous spots of Mumbai but it has a nightlife of its own which isn’t about the clubs and loud music. In fact it is opposite of that where you get to see the other side of the busiest city of India where you feel the silence of the roads which are honking in the evening. All this is done by the adventure of signing up for midnight cycling in Mumbai, an offbeat way to soak in the charisma of the city by pedaling through the Nariman Point, Marine drive, which ending by witnessing the beautify dawn by Bandstand.

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