Trekking Near Bangalore

The 10 Most Amazing Trekking Destinations Located In The Vicinity Of Bangalore City

Bangalore boasts of various features that make one of the most popular and happening cities in India. The most prominent of these include the pleasant weather, the relatively high level of safety, and a great mix of historical and modern structure that give the city a unique identity. In addition, city is also admired for the presence of several popular destinations for trekking near Bangalore. In fact this single fact has been deemed responsible for the growing affinity towards a wide range of adventure activities amongst the people living in and around the city. It is even believed that the number of people opting for trekking in Bangalore is far greater than any other city in India. This is evident from the huge rush of trekkers frequenting the following top 10 trekking destinations around the city.

  1. Kunchikal Falls Trek

Located in the beautiful Shimoga-Udupi border of Karnataka near Masthikatte-Hulikal, the mesmerizing Kunchikal Falls present an impressive sight. Not many people are aware of the fact that this cascading of water, formed by River Varahi, is the highest waterfall in India and ranks and 116th across the globe. The feature is formed by the flowing down of water from a height of 455 meters, over a rough rocky structure located close to the Hulikal Ghati Temple. The mere sight of the waterfall, even from a distance, tends to leave a lasting impression on the visitors thanks to its sheer majesty and grandeur.

Kunchikal Falls

The surroundings of the falls boast of evergreen beauty and vitalizing calm and a refreshing aura. This is one the major appealing factors drawing adventure seekers to this destination in large numbers. The elevation of the waterfall makes for an amazing trekking trail and proves to be a perfect getaway for people seeking a break from the monotony and stress of city life. The natural treats that meet the trekkers at every turn tend to motivate them to reach the top of the fall and experience the mesmerizing sight that awaits them.

The best time to visit the Kunchikal Falls is during the rainy season which lasts from June and September. This is because the construction of Mani Dam located quite close to the underground power generation station of Masthikatte, has reduced the water flow in the falls. However, during the monsoon season, the rain water feeds the River Varahi to restore the water levels and re-instate the true beauty and appeal of the falls. The overall trekking trip proves to be a completely awesome and delightful experience for the participants. Top 8 Night Trekking Destinations That You Must Visit Once In A Lifetime.

  1. Kodachadri Trek

The diverse landscape and the amazing beauty of Kodachadri make it one of the most remarkable trekking destinations in the entire South Indian region. It is a preferred trekking destination for people seeking great excitement, thrill and fun as a part of their adventure trip. The great and precious natural diversity of the region have led it be named as a Natural Heritage Site. The Kodachadri trek takes the participants up to a height of more than 1300 meters above sea level and the entire trail boasts of the some of the most picturesque sights that the participants might have beheld during their lifetime.

Kodachadri Trek

During their trek up to the peak, the participants of this amazing adventure activity are required to cross lush green forests rolling meadows, high waterfalls and pass by the sheer cliff drops. The trekking activity can be carried out both during the day time and at night, with the latter option enhancing the thrill and adventure level even further. In order, get the most out of the trek, it is essential for the participants to seek complete Kodachadri trekking details from a reliable source long before they book a tour package to the destination.

The trekking trip to Kodachadri peak is a relatively easy activity, completed over a period of 2 days and one night. This essentially means that it can be undertaken by people with little or even no prior trekking experience. The panoramic view that greets the trekkers on reaching the top is rewarding enough for all the effort that they make for successful completion of the trek. It seems to naturally drain away their tiredness along with their stress and worries leaving them relaxed and at peace.

  1. Tadiandamol Trek

The thrill of trekking to the peak of the fifth highest peak in Karnataka is unparalleled and one that needs to be experienced personally. Situated in the beautiful locales of Coorg, the Tadiandamol peak stands out on its own amidst the mesmerizing surroundings of the Western Ghats. The ethereal beauty of the surroundings combined with the moderate difficulty level of the trekking trail ensures that the participants get the highest level of satisfaction and thrill to the participants. What makes this trekking even more exciting is the fact that the trekkers get to enjoy a host of other activities during Tadiandamol trek and rafting trip.

Tadiandamol Trek

The trek, which is completed over a period of two days and two nights, takes the participants up to a height of 5735 feet above sea level. The entire trail features some of the most amazing landscapes comprising of rising and falling terrains, lush green grasslands, dense wooded slopes and different water bodies. One of the most attractive features of this trip is the Chelvara Falls trek, which provides the trekkers with a unique opportunity to enjoy the fun of waterfall rappelling along with camping in the wilderness.

The Tadiandamol trek proves to be a perfect getaway option for people seeking a relaxing and refreshing adventure activity that helps them reconnect with nature. The trek is especially enchanting during the post monsoon months, when the entire region of Coorg attains fresh beauty and colour which further enhance the mystique and appeal of this hill region. However, the trek should not be undertaken during the off-season and never without the assistance of an expert guide as the trail is relatively unfamiliar and hence somewhat risky.

  1. Mullayanagiri Trek

The Mullayanagiri Peak is renowned for being the highest mountain in the state of Karnataka. It is named after Saint Mullapa Swami, whose tomb is located at the top of the mountain, along with a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This gives the mountain a unique spiritual appeal which is further enhanced by the fact that it forms a part of the Baba Budangiri Range. The Range itself is renowned for its spiritual association with Guru Dattatreya. In view of the facts, it is not surprising that the Mullayanagiri Trek is considered to be one of the most exciting and spiritually enhancing experiences for the participants.

Mullayanagiri Trek

The trek requires the participants to descend up to a height of 1930 m above sea level. The trek is completed over a period of 2 days and 1 night during which time the trekkers enjoy the thrill of overcoming the challenges of low visibility, ridge walks and unpredictable weather. The trek offers a difficulty level ranging between easy and moderate and even though the adventure can be undertaken by beginners, it is more suitable for trekkers with at least some experience.

As a professional Mullayanagiri trek guide informs the participants, the best aspects of the trip awaits them at the top of the peak. As they reach the top they get to enjoy a towering view of the mesmerizing beauty of the Western Ghats. The enchanting landscape and the natural calm encountered by the trekkers at the peak, provide the trekkers with the feeling of internal peace that they seem to have lost in the hustle and bustle of city life. In fact, the whole trekking trip leaves them completely refreshed and relaxed to resume their everyday tasks.

  1. Nishani Motte Trek

Nishani Motte is a relatively unknown trekking destination located in the Coorg district of Karnataka. The place, which forms a part of the Tala Cauvery / Brahamagiri Range, is quite famous for its surreal natural beauty and euphoric appeal. The unique name of the hill is indicative of the fact that it was at one time used to as a mark to find the directions to the different hill paths. Unlike the other popular trekking destination in the region, the Nishani Motte trek offers an exclusive experience to the participants. This is because the entire trekking trail has retained its unspoiled and pristine look and feel.

Nishani Motte Trek

The exquisite trip is completed over a period of 2 days and 1 night, with the trekking trail commencing from amidst the rich Shola trees of the Bhagamandala forest range. The entire trail is located alongside an impressive ridge walk and takes the participants across dense foliage, rolling meadows and different types of water bodies. The trek is the best option for people intending to enjoy the fun and excitement of trekking in Coorg amidst its great natural treasures.

Despite the moderate difficulty level of the trekking trail, the activity cannot be carried out in the absence of a guide approved by the Tala Cauvery Forest Department. This is done to ensure safeguard the delicate biodiversity of the region and also to maintain the balance perfect balance of human interaction with raw nature. Despite this small restriction there is a never ending demand for Nishani Motte adventure packages amongst people who love the fun of spending time in the lap of nature.

  1. Sakleshpur Trek

The small and beautiful town of Sakleshpur, located in the Hasan district of Karnatka, is home to one of the most popular and amazing trekking destinations of South India. The area is a part of the Western Ghats and is renowned for its astounding natural beauty and its calm and peaceful surroundings. Boasting of a varied landscape and a temperate climate, the participants coming to this part of Karnataka are also able to enjoy the constant buzz and activity of wildlife native to the area. In fact opting for a Sakleshpur trek with waterfalls proves to completely satisfying end fun filled adventure option for the participants.

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Sakleshpur Trek

Amongst the various things that draw adventure seekers to Sakleshpur, the opportunity of combining multiple activities in a single trip is perhaps the most prominent. In fact, it is one of the few trekking destinations around Bangalore, where the participants can enjoy the fun of water sports, camping and nature walks along with trekking. In case the participants are not too keen to camp out in the wilderness, they can also opt for the homestay option, which proves to a unique experience in itself.

The trekking trip in Sakleshpur is completed over a period of 2 days and one night and since the trip offers a moderate difficultly level, the participants need to be physically and mentally strong enough to complete it. The trip duration also includes the several hours that the participants might spend with their hosts during the Sakleshpur homestay. In fact, this is a major highlight of the trip for most participants as they get to experience the simple yet happy lifestyle of the local people and also get a glimpse of their culture and traditions.

  1. Kudremukh Trek

The Kudremukh is one of the most popular trekking trails in South India and is renowned for its exquisite natural beauty. This is the third highest peak in Karnataka and is located in the equally famous Kudremukh National Park in Chikmagalur. Considered by many to the haven for adventure lovers, the Kudremukh trek offers a completely fulfilling and enthralling experience to the participants. Its diverse landscape, comprising of lush green meadows, rolling hills, dark shoal forests and overflowing streams often leave the trekkers amazed and dazed. The whole experience is so enriching that it is not uncommon for the participants to come back here repeatedly.

kudremukh trek in chikmagalur

The Kudremukh peak gets its name due the fact that its shape is similar to a horse’s face and the animal is known as kudre in the local language. The trekking trip offering a moderate difficulty level is completed in 2 days and 1 night. The entire trail is dotted with a wide variety of flora and fauna, leading to the creation of lively surroundings for the trekkers to enjoy. In fact, it is not unusual for the trekkers to spot animals such as wild fowl, peacocks and spotted dear during their trekking trip, which in itself proves to be an impressive sight.

The joy and fun of Kudremukh trek in Chikmagalur is definitely unparalleled. In fact, most participants consider it to be one of the most enriching experiences of their life. The time spent in the vicinity of some of the most amazing treats of nature leaves them some of the most wonderful memories. In addition it also makes them realize the price that humanity has had to pay for urbanization.

  1. Brahmagiri Trek

Brahmagiri, which means the abode of Lord Brahma, is one of the most enchanting trekking destinations in the state of Karnataka. Nestled amidst the picturesque valleys of Coorg, the Brahmagiri Hills offer the trekking enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to soak in the fun and thrill of a great adventure. The zigzag trail leading to the top of the hills is dotted with a wide variety of landscape features including dense forests, vast grasslands and river streams. These, in combination with the calm and peaceful ambience of the region, together lend a mesmerizing appeal to the Brahmagiri hills trekking trip.

monsoon brahmagiri hills trekking

The 2 days and 1 night long trek takes the participants up to a height of 1068m above sea level. Being located within the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, the trek makes it possible for the participants to reconnect with nature and enjoy the wide diversity of flora and fauna that is now restricted only to the wilderness. However, the beautiful sights that engulf the participants at the base of the hill are nothing compared to the amazing view they get to enjoy upon reaching the top. The vast spread of clouds around the peak gives the participants the feeling of floating amidst them.

People opting for the Brahmagiri trek can also enjoy the beauty of Abby falls located in the vicinity. In addition, the area features several other water bodies that add to the appeal and charisma of trekking in the area. All these features combine to make Brahmagiri trekking a truly enriching experience. That is why it is not surprising that the people who undertake this trek once, are left craving for more and hence tend to return to the destination time and again. Trekking Destinations In India That Will Leave You Speechless.

  1. Gokarna Beach Trek

Not many people are aware of the fact that the trekking up the hills along the beach can be as mesmerizing, if not more, as the fun of trekking at traditional hilly destinations. However, undertaking the Gokarna beach trek once changes the entire outlook of the trekkers towards exploring such destinations. The trip provides the participants with a unique opportunity to enjoy the amazing beauty of sandy beaches, enchanting ocean views and the mesmerizing Western Ghats. In fact, the trekking trip promises to offer great thrill and excitement which adds a whole new meaning to the concept of enjoying the activity of trekking.

Gokarna Beach Trek

The trekking activity of moderate difficulty level along the Gokarna beach is carried out over a period of 2 days and 1 night. The 8 km long trek takes the participants across some of the most beautiful beaches that line the Western coast of India. The trek introduces the participants to the breathtaking sight formed by the conflux of the Shayadri range with the Arabian Sea. This amazing sight often leaves the trekkers completely bewitched and fills them with a sense of satisfaction and calm.

As the trekkers walk over the small hillocks dotting each sandy beach, they are able to soak in the splendour of the beauty that surrounds them on all sides. The impressive views that the participants get to behold during the trekking trip remain etched in their memories for the rest of their lives and make them return to this destination repeatedly to relive those memories. In fact, most participants consider the trek to be one of the must take adventure activities for people who love to spend time in the vicinity of nature.

  • Chembra Peak Trek

The trek to Chembra Peak is considered to be one of the most adventurous treks offered in the vicinity of Bangalore. Situated in the soothing locales of Wayanard and is the highest peak in this district, making it easily visible from all parts of the region.  The peak itself is located near the heart shaped lake of the same name, which adds to the appeal and attraction of the place. In fact, the name Chembra peak trek is somewhat misleading as the trekkers are not allowed to actually climb up to the top of the hill. This is due to the restrictions imposed by the Forest Department to maintain the sanctity and purity of nature.

Chembra Peak Trek

The Chembra peak stands tall at a height of 2100m above sea level and hill is preceded by seven 7 hills which the participants are required to cross as a part of the trekking trip. In addition, the trek requires them to traverse over other diverse landscapes comprising of dense forests and grasslands. The rugged yet beautiful terrain of the trekking trail that is known to offer an easy difficulty level is worth visiting all year round. This means that the trekking enthusiast can plan their trip as per their convenience at any time during the entire year.

Chembra Peak

One of the major highlights of this amazing trekking trip is the exclusive fun of Chembra peak homestay. The option enables the participants to spend some time with the local people at their homes. This can prove to be an extremely enriching experience for the trekkers as they get to enjoy a sneak peek into the simple yet fulfilling life of the natives. They learn about the best ways to make the most of the simple joys of life and enjoy every moment and opportunity to the fullest. In fact, this single aspects makes the whole idea of undertaking a trekking trip to Chembra peak full of a promise of great fun and enjoyment.
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