Rafting in Rishikesh

The Adventure Of Rishikesh Rafting – A Fun Filled Escapade Amidst The Majestic Himalayan Foothills

The small town of Rishikesh, located on the banks of the holy River Ganga, is one of the most famous destinations in the state of Uttarakhand as well as entire north Indian region. In addition to being a hub of Hindu spirituality, the town is also famous for being centre of various adventure activities, with white river rafting being the most prominent of these. In fact, Rishikesh is deemed to be the white river rafting capital of India and hence not surprisingly draws countless adventure seekers to the place. The beauty and appeal of the surroundings, combined with the promise of a great adventure in the form of Rishikesh Rafting is makes any trip to this holy town truly amazing.

What Makes Rafting In Rishikesh So Special?

The town of Rishikesh boasts of a rugged and uneven setting in terms of its landscape. As a result the gurgling water flowing through the revving Ganges and its tributaries lead to the creation of some of the most herculean rapids in the area. Overcoming the challenge of conquering these rapids that offer varying levels of difficulty is surely full of great thrill and excitement. Even as the rafter set out to enjoy the countless enthralling moments of during the rafting camp in Rishikesh, in one of the holiest rivers, the unique charm and appeal of the surroundings leaves them completely amazed and even mystified to some extent.

Rishikesh Watersports

What Does It Cost?

Although there is no set rule to determine the rafting in Rishikesh cost, most tour operators charge anywhere between Rs 450 to Rs. 1800 per person. The exact cost depends on the distance of the rafting stretch where the activity is carried out as well as the difficulty level offered by the stretch. In case the rafters opt for any other activity combined with rafting, then the cost of the adventure might go up even further. But this generally depends on the type of package opted for by the rafters as well as their level of expertise and need for training. In any case, it is advisable to choose package that offers comes with promise of great thrill and fun but not at the cost of risking the safety of the rafters.

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Rafting in Rishikesh

Best Time For The Adventure

One of the reasons that make the experience of white water rafting in Rishikesh so exclusive is that the rafters can enjoy the activity at almost any time of the year. In fact, the fun of enjoying the activity here in summer is quite different from that of taking part in the activity during the colder winter months. Despite this, there is still a best time to enjoy rafting in this wonderful destination and it is during the post-monsoon season. This is because the monsoon showers leave the River full to the brim enhancing the fun of the adventure even further. However, for people who cannot make the most of rafting in Rishikesh best time, do not need to feel disappointed. This is because the flow of the Ganges rarely, if ever, ebbs in this region, which means that the rafters can plan their fun-filled escapade at their own convenience. A Rafting Trip In Rishikesh Factors That Determine The Cost Of Such Adventure Trip.

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