Wally still skydiving at 97 years old

The Oldest Person To Jump Out Of A Plane – Delton Walling

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment,

Take the moment and make it perfect.” - Zoey Sayward

Me – “So what should we do on your birthday?”

Hubby – “Umm! Nothing. I have to work. May be next birthday.”

Me – “Who knows we will be together till your next birthday or not. Let’s do something this time only.”

Hubby – “What? Are you planning to leave me? How could you do that?”

And after this, all I remember is Blah Blah. Many of you could relate to this situation especially the ones who are stuck in the metropolitan city not by choice but just because of that ring on your finger (rolling eyes). Life is too short and we simply waste it by working hard for a perfect retirement plan. But what we actually forget is that, we might not get to live as long as Delton Walling a.k.a Wally who became the oldest person to skydive at the age of 97.

Experience Waves Of Skydiving In India

8th of May was a normal day and it was Wally’s birthday. So guess what he decided to do to celebrate. He decided to laugh at life’s face and challenged his limits by jumping out of an airplane, but, of course, with parachutes on.

The World War II veteran is truly an inspiration to people like us who think that life will give us another chance some day. That someday, we will come back and scuba dive in this place or one day we will definitely skydive. But who exactly knows, what is in store for us the very next moment.

Much of an adventure geeks, me and my hubby are, the work life balance in a metropolitan is truly a challenge in itself. And as we dream of having a good life in the lap of nature, it is the realisation that the most precious phase of our life is somehow getting wasted in all the tensions and stresses of reality.

Survivor of Pearl Harbor’s attack, Delton Walling is truly an eye-opener to all those who think life will give you plenty of chances to do what you really want to do in life. Being face to face with death, his outlook towards life is something we all need to adapt to. He has jumped 50 Planes since he has come back home from war. So the lesson here is, Life does give chances but if you keep ignoring every single one of them, one of these days, you won’t have another chance left.


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