Want To Discover The Joy And Freedom Of Flying – Opt For Paragliding At Bir Billing

Man has been cherishing the desire to roam in the skies like a free bird since the ancient times. It is this desire that led famous painter and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci to compile the sketch of a helicopter centuries before the first airplane was ever invented. However, even the most modern methods of air-transit have failed to satisfy the greatest longing of man, namely to enjoy the fun and freedom of flying. Thankfully, the advent of popular aero-sports like paragliding have brought people closer to fulfilling this long cherished dream in a much simpler manner. India is one of the several destinations across the globe where people can enjoy the fun and thrill of paragliding.

Paragliding in Billing

An Adventure Activity Beyond Comparison

Paragliding is an extremely exciting and thrilling adventure activity that is surely not comparable with any other adventure sport. The very fact that it is the closest that man can come to flying like a bird, is what makes it truly unique. Soaring through the skies individually and feeling the wind gently caress their cheek, makes the gliders feel like an aviator enjoying a tour of its domain. No other adventure activity causes the adrenaline to rush through the blood of the participants with such excitement as paragliding. At the same time, getting a bird’s eye view of the vast vistas spread below them makes the gliders realize their own insignificance in the overall scheme of things.

Paragliders Fly As Like Butterflies Top Of Bir Billing Hills

Paragliding in Billing

A Prefect Destination For A Great Sport

Amongst the various breathtaking destinations across the country where adventure seekers can enjoy this aero-sport, the experience and fun of Bir Billing paragliding is beyond any verbal praise. In fact, Bir Billing is ranked as one of the best places to enjoy this activity in the whole world. It is this distinction that draws paragliders in large number to this quaint little village remotely nestled within the upper reaches of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. The picturesque surroundings gain an even greater appeal when viewed by the gliders from dizzying heights while enjoying their flight through the skies.  As the gliders get out into the sky, they not only feel the joy of flying in a free-spirited manner but also experiencing the majestic beauty of Earth from an entirely unique perspective.

Paragliding in India

A Word Of Caution

In order to ensure that their experience of paragliding Bir Billing turns out to be truly memorable and fun filled, it is important for the participants to follow some basic guidelines as listed below.

  • They should take the pre-flight training sessions quite seriously as it will provide them with the necessary education and information to not only have great fun while flying but also to remain safe.
  • It is important for the gliders to wear the right clothes and check their glider and gear thoroughly before flying out. This will minimize the chances of any unexpected mishaps or accidents that might spoil the whole experience.
  • The gliders should make sure that they always adhere to the instructions and guidelines provided by the flying instructors so that they do not end up getting injured or risking the safety of other people.
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