Winter Rafting In Peninsula – Yes That’s A Thing

“Most of the things worth doing in the world has been declared impossible before they were done.” - Louis D Brandeis

Being a huge adventure geek, I asked my husband once, “Hon, let’s go for rafting,” to which he replied, “Are you mad, it is so cold. Winter rafting is not a thing.” Well! I beg to differ people and I have proof now. It started in the winter of 2001 in Indian River, when a family decided to go on a rafting trip in winter. The experience was so much fun and beautiful that they decided to do it for other people as well.

Big Bear Adventure is based in Peninsula.It is a small rafting shop that takes people to a guided winter rafting trip in Sturgeon River which is the fastest river in the Lower peninsula and it does not freeze in winter. Winter rafting in this beautiful setting would make you fall in love with winters and everything that comes with it that is the snow, the chills and the pristine beauty all around you. You might as well spot a deer drinking water from the river. With white snow all around, it would be like heaven on earth.

“To her the horizon was just a slight curve fading out behind the last tree line, begging to be straightened by a quickly embarked adventure.” With all the safety precautions in mind, the Big bear only allows guided tours in winters whereas in any other season they allow solo rafting, canoes and kayaks as well. So all you need to do is sit and relax and enjoy the endless beauty waiting to be explored. The very thought of it makes you fall in love with winter right?

The whole winter rafting is a work of coordination between the guide and you as they say, “The Teamwork makes the dream work. So now what are you waiting for? Book your flights to Peninsula next winter and have the most unusual experience of all. Because sometimes, a single moment becomes worth every penny you have earned so far. I know for sure that I am going to go there one day and become a part of this beauty myself. As someone has said correctly, “Time spent in nature is time spent realising that you don’t know it all and you never will be.”

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