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dodital trek

Dodital trek

Dodital is a name of the lake with a lot of mythological beliefs and history. It is a very happening trekking destination at the present age. Dodital is the birth place of lord Ganesha and said to have witnessed the beheading of the deity by Lord Shiva. Surrounded by lush greenery with crystal clear water makes this place as an ultimate destination for the travelers and various sightseers. This peak is at the elevation of 3550 meters above the sea level, in the north of uttarakashi is a precise trekking destination and also holds the potential for the various adventure sports.
The Dodital trek is a short, easy to moderate trek, through dense forests, across small stream crossings, large meadows and magnificent Himalayan landscapes.  Trek route starts from Kalyani ( sangam chatti ) road head near Uttarkashi and finishes at Hanuman Chatti. The route is a nature lover’s delight.
Dodital is a beautiful lake, surrounded by thick forest of oak, fir and rhododendron. The lake is approximately hexagonal in shape, and is inhabited by golden trout, which gives its name. ( Dodi means trout in the local language ). Reference to the Dodital lake are there in the Puranas, where it has been described as one of the holy lakes. It is the source to about 80 rivulets which merge to form the Assi Ganga, due to which the valley is also called Assi Ganga valley ( Assi means 80 in the local language ). The Assi Ganga meets the Bhagirathi at Gangotri.
The lake is famous for its Himalayan trout, the exoticness rendered by surrounding forest and tranquility provided by the calm waters of the lake. This is an imposing destination with impeccable beauty and many a facts that are a lot adorable. Dodital provides a lot of opportunity to travelers to hang around in the Asi Ganga valley. There are subsidiary treks transporting one from Asi Ganga valley to Bhagirathi Ganga valley and to the Yamuna valley and vice versa. A part from a display of natural beauty there is an array of diversity in culture and heritage for which India is known for ages. The array of culture can be seen by travelers during their voyage through remote Himalayan settlements.
Location- Uttarkashi, uttarakhand, North India.
Range- Garhwal Himalayas.
Altitude- 9900 ft.(approx)
Activities- trekking,camping,fishing.
How to reach?-
1) By road- Haridwar-rishikesh-chamba-uttarkashi-kalyani-Sangam chatti-trekking(22 kms).
2) By rail- The nearest railway station is rishikesh, 145 km from dodital. Rishikesh is well connected with some major cities of india.
3) By air- The nearest airport is jolly grant 25 km from dehradun. This airport is connected with well operate flights from delhi,Mumbai,banglore,Chennai etc.
Location- Uttarkashi,Uttarakhand, North India.Activities to do- trekking, camping,fishing.Facilities:
How to reach?

BY ROAD- Haridwar strech to chamba to uttarkashi. BY RAIL- Nearest railway station is Rishikesh. BY AIR-Jolly grant airport of Dehradun.

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