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Roopkund Trek

 Roopkund trek

It is a beautiful as well as thrilling experiencing of  the Himalayan trek. Roopkund  Lake is well known as a one mystery lake of the Himalayas. The roopkund lake was jam-packed with the skeletons and the bones of human being due to a disaster that happened here around 14th century. Set in Himalayas at an altitude of about 16500 ft. and it is totally uninhabited. Roopkund lake is a glacial one situated at the rout to Nanda devi cult where the famous Nanda devi raj festival is held once in every 12 years.
Roopkund is popularly known as the 'Mystery Lake' or the 'Skeletal Lake', since a large number of human skeletons and remains of horses from the age of Paleolithic Age were found here.
The route passes through lush green grassy land and conifer forests clingingonto the slopes of hills. The trek thereafter winds it's way along the Pinder river. Then to round off this trek, one can approach Homekund via Shail Samudra glacier and then move on to Ghat or Nandprayag (in Chamoli district in the Garhwal region)
Roopkund is situated in the district of Chamoli in garhwal, which is in the lap of Trishul Massif,this startling location is hidden below a crest on the edge of the Nnanda devi Sancturay. It is surrounded by the deep virgin forests, Far-Flung villages , gurgling brooks, breath-taking campsites, miles of undulating meadows, rock-strewn glaciers and snow clas peaks around as you ascent 8200 ft is a spot to be and a sight to see.
Roopkund trek starts at lohajung which is at around 8600 ft. a tiny pass that slips in through the gwaldam face of the mountain and into the wan valley. Here the lohajung is the last station to replenishing supplies like camera,films, vegetables, fruits etc.
The best season to visit Roopkund trek is-
 1st season- April-July and
2nd season- September-October.
Location- Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, India.
Range- Garhwal himalayas.
Altitude- 16460ft.
Activities to do- trekking and camping.
How to reach?
1)By Rail- you can reach Kathgodam through one of the most famous trains reaching the destination, which is the Ranikhet express. Once you reach here, you would start feeling a change in the entire atmosphere. The Roopkund trek has its starting point from here.
2)By Road- by distance it is around 570 km form delhi, taking a road of delhi-halwani-rishikesh-thrali-lohagunjg village.
3)By Air- nearest airport is of Dehra dun, but still you have to cover 150 km(approx) to reach your destination.
Location- Chamoli district,Uttarakhand, India.Activities to do- trekking, camping.Facilities:
How to reach?

BY RAIL-Kathgodam is the nearest railway station. BY ROAD-570 km from Delhi,take a route of rishikesh-thrali-lohagunj village. BY AIR-Jolly Grant airport of Dehradun is the nearest one.

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